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Cracks on the Upper Dash Board Surface on Toyota Sienna

Problem Description and Possible Solution

Multiple cracks may develop on the upper surface of the dashboard. At this time, the only suggested repair is to replace the dashboard.

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Toyota Sienna Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 82,884 (10,000–200,900)
9 model years affected: 1998, 1999, 2003, 2004, more2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010
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I have a spiderweb of cracks across and around my dash. It first started with one or two, my husband heated a nail to 'stop' the initial cracks. Some cracks did actually stop from the heated nail hole, others continued. My car has been garaged and when in a parking lot or at work I use a sun shade. I think this needs to be a recalled item, as the number of complaints are excessive with this issue.
2004 Toyota Siennas are experiencing cracks in the dashboard. Not just minor ones, but dashboards that look like someone has sliced them up with a knife. This is a hidden defect which didn't appear until after the 36 month warranty expired, but now is showing up on many '04 Siennas. The cracked dash may interfere with proper deployment of air bag and is a safety hazard. Toyota will not acknowledge, although some individual dealers are standing behind their vehicles and offsetting some of the repair cost. The only solution is to replace the dashboard - very costly!
several cracks by speaker, glove compartment and odometer cover. Called Toyota 800-331-4331. They said it's out of warranty but documented my case. If you have the same issue, contact them, complain and get a case #. I will be useful in case of a lawsuit or perhaps several complains will trigger a recall. No use calling the dealer, they play dumb about the situation. Good luck
Cracked dashboard from left air.vent spreading across to.the passanger side air vent. 2005 Sienna XLE. There are more cracks on the.side of the dash near the where the door meets.the.dash. Dealer and Toyota customer care say it is cosmetic.
and the airbag and it may cause the airbag to deploy if that is normal? This is a defect, not a customer upset about a cosmetic flaw!!
My dash board started cracking and continued to get worse as time went on. It is a defect in the car.
My Sienna has developed the knife-slash cracks above the glovebox, and along the sides near the steering wheel. Some of the vinyl above the glovebox is falling off...
Cracks started on upper dashboard near windshield on passenger side and have gotten worse over time. Have not fixed or replaced and am at 140 K.
My dashboard is covered in slits that look as though they were sliced with a razor blade. I looked into having them repaired and the owner told me he could fix them, but that the dash will continue to crack. My van stays in the garage and I use a sunshade when it is parked outside. The repair man told me it has nothing to do with sun damage, but that it is a faulty dash and that I should check with Toyota. I would like to know how many complaints does Toyota have to receive before it becomes a recall issue?
2005 Solara - cracks both side of dash, above and below glove box. Toyota is aware of problem. I do not belive that Toyota is going to fix. And if they do replace the dash, you will receive the same material. This is my fourth Toyota and materials and build of vehicles have gotten questionable since 2002. My last Toyota. Hello Honda
My Toyota Four runner dash is also cracked!! Toyota has known about this probable for some time!! When we called Toyota we were told No one complained about cracked dash!!! Toyota is passing the problem on the customer! No more Toyota's for me!!
Cracks and more cracks showing all over the place. Purchased vehicle at Toyota West Palm Beach and shipped it to Ecuador. Toyota Ecuador says it is not their problem. Toyota in WPB says call the 800 number. The 800 folks (Jerry) say "sorry-The car was made for the US market ONLY and cracks developed in other countries don´t count-Read you warranty COUNTRY limitations on line, he added!!I asked Jerry to show it to me but it does not exist. He then pointed me back to the dealer that sold me the car. Not a good response from a company claiming WORLDWIDE quality standards and trying to recover the reputation it once had. Jerry did give me a case # 7202231583 to keep in my "unhappy with Toyota file".
My dash broad cracks look like done by a sharp knife. I am very concern may interfere with proper deployment of air bag and is a safety hazard. I did call Toyota 1-800-331-4331 document my case. Hopefully open a case can bring up their attention.
My Sienna has been in the garage at home and work always took good care of my car looks like new inside except the cracked Dashboard very disappointed
I have the same problem. It started with one crack on one side of the glove compartment then another one on the opposite side around 70,000 miles. Of course there are other defects that also bothers me. Where do I start: faulty door welding occured after their extended repair period, front windshield molding separating/falling apart, traction control activating rendering the undrivable due to faulty short in a part in steering column, and there's a delay in the acceleration of the van.

Someone from Toyota really should read these complaints and do something about it. - From a consumer who just bought a Honda Accord because of other issues with the Sienna which has left a bad impression with the brand.
dashboard cracks due to poor design, the support bracket for the dashboard has a longer thermal expancion causing cracks on my dashboard, cracks look like done by a ver sharp knife. no response by toyota deales
dashboard has cracks along front edge and also from the windshield coming back to the instrument panel.I filed a complaint with the Nation Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Will see if that does any good. Hope everybody will do the same.