Q: Dash lights and gauges don't work on 2000 GMC Jimmy

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In my Jimmy, someone had tried to hardwire a new headunit into it and did a very bad job. I have removed the headunit and taped all of the wires to ensure they dont touch untill I can go get another plug that is supposed to be on there. They may have touched at a different time in this process, I can't be sure. I have checked the fuses in the fuse box by the driver door, few things were bad but I replaced the bad ones. Gauges and dash lights still dont work. I don't know where else to look for a problem or what to even look for. Please help!! I don't want to run out of gas, overheat the truck, or get a speeding ticket!!
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The Body Control Module fuses may be blown, or the Body Control Module may be damaged. That is the first thing to check out. You can't really modify these newer vehicles because the Instruments are all part of a network of computers, and the slightest change makes everything go haywire.
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