Q: cruise control blows fuse on 1994 Dodge Ram Van B250

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My cruise control has blown the fuse 3 times. I even tried a 3 amp instead of 2. The brake, turn and hazard lights appear to work normally. Van has 194000 mi but is well maintained and lives in SE.
I don't know if it blows before I try the cruise control or as soon as I trun it on?
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You have a short in your cruise control wiring. it could be the switch, or it could be in the steering column. You need to trace this problem down with a wiring schematic.

If things were so predictable in automotive failure analysis, there would be no need for diagnostic techs. However, there is more of a need now, than ever before. The switch is the first place to start, but after that, a schematic is the best place to go. You can get one at I believe a 1 year subscription for all you techincal info for your van is about $16.00.
Dear Dandd,
I was hoping that after 15 years and millions of miles there is a most likey place to look for this short.
Hi, I also live in the SE with a 94 B250. It started blowing the fuse at about 190 000 miles. By 195 it was bad enough I put in a circuit breaker across the fuse contacts. Radio shack about 2 amp I believe. Well it poped it just a couple more times after I put in the breaker and now it has been fine for about 8 months. I am going to leave the breaker in place . They are not as reliable as fuses. Possibly if you put in a 3 amp fuse that would be all you need. Or it may burn up the problem component and then you know what was causing it.
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