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Check Engine Light and/or Engine Stall on Nissan Sentra

Problem Description and Possible Solution

Crankshaft and camshaft position sensors can leak oil into the connector causing Check Engine Light illumination. The engine may also stall as a result. Leaking sensors should be replaced. Certain 2000-2003 models were recalled for a separate camshaft and crankshaft sensor issue. For more information on the recall please click here»

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Nissan Sentra Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 106,109 (73,500–145,000)
Engines affected: 1.8L 4 Cylinder, 2.0L 4 Cylinder, 2.5L 4 Cylinder
9 model years affected: 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, more2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
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started happening a few months ago, engine would stall; but if i throttled the gas after a started it, the engine would kick on. scanned it; scanner said camshaft sensor; replaced it; was okay for a couple days then problem got worse and i stalled while driving. scanned again; said camshaft sensor; replaced again; was okay for a couple days then still same proble,; nd car wont even start at all. especially a cold start. really frustrated with this issue and just want it fixed. thinking its wire/ computer issues at this point.
The car stalls while I'm driving. This happened 5 times. The first time it happened I was taking kids to school. The mechanic told me it was the crankshaft sensor and that it happens a lot with these cars. Why isn't the 1.8 recalled too if they are having the same problems with the 2.5???
Today my car was having problem starting. And after you drive a little it would stall. I believe my problem has to do with this crankshaft and/or camshaft sensors.
car would keep stalling as i turned it on. Engine would try and turnover but would not make it and car would shut off. Easy fix. both sensor's have to get replaced
Same problem as everyone else. Car stalling while driving. Why aren't they including the 1.8L 4 cylinder ingines in the recall? It's obvious that it has the same problem. I guess they are going to wait until enough people gets killed because of this for them to think it's worth it.
I just purchased this car. Had not even made 1st payment and 1st experience doing 68 on busy highway started to loose power at around 55 car kicked back in. Within a day it started failing at stop lights, turning corners at low speed. Since then changed out crankshaft sensor {which by the way has been re-designed and I now see has been recalled}. With new sensor in less than a week, I could sense there was still an issue. After fueling up, car would not start, 5 minutes later car started and I now have service engine light back on. $5,500 for used 2005 SE R. $300.00 into repairs and only God knows what's wrong now.
I wish I would have seen this site prior!
Car would die inconsistently in around town driving situations, but would always start up again. Went for several weeks with no problem, then problem started to occur on a more consistent basis.

Dealer easily diagnosed problem and fixed for about $200.00
Engine will shut off at random times. Auto zone computer said they show the crankshaft sensor and the oxygen sensor needs to be replaced. Then went back a few days later and now only the crankshaft sensor says it needs replacing. Is the 2005 1.8 included in the recall?
service engine soon light came on car got hard to start,stalled several times threw codes po335 and po725 . reset by disconnecting battery terminals reconnecting everything next ran great for about 150 miles then driving at about 50 mph car jerked ses light
came back on .bought new ckps .will try to get it installed this weekend.
Self repair with internet guidance. 2 senosor replace after car completely died on interstate. Can needed towing 20 miles. Part replacement $60.00.