Camshaft Position Sensor

The camshaft position sensor measures the rotational position of the camshaft and transmits that information to the engine control computer.

Symptoms of Wear or Failure

  • Problems starting the car
  • Engine may shut off or die intermittently
  • Engine may misfire or hesitate on acceleration
  • Check Engine Light may illuminate

Related Repair Advice

  • The camshaft position sensor is commonly mounted on the cylinder head or timing cover; on some older engines, it is mounted inside the distributor
  • Whenever a camshaft position sensor is replaced, be sure to verify the alignment of the timing belt/chain to make sure there is no fluid leaking onto its mounting area
  • Always use a factory OEM camshaft position sensor and be sure to check for any relevant Technical Service Bulletins (TSB), necessary software updates, and re-calibration procedures
  • A camshaft position sensor code isn't always triggered by a defective camshaft position sensor. It can be triggered by other issues, such as a worn timing belt or timing chain, or a defective ignition module, crank shaft position sensor, or mass air flow sensor.