Mercury Mountaineer Problem Report

Mercury Mountaineer A Cosmetic Crack May Develop on the Liftgate

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A cosmetic crack may develop on the plastic liftgate trim panel. Our technicians tell us the Ford has released a service procedure to replace the applique without damage the the liftgate glass.

About a year and a half ago I noted that the plastic panel on the liftgate started to crack around the Mercury symbol. It developed into a full crack of the piece running top to bottom. I have also noted the same crack on several vehicles in town. I also noted that the newer models of Mountianeer don't have this cover on their vehicles. So my thinking is that Mercury knows about the problem but isn't willing to fix it. -
Yesterday 1-14-2013 noticed huge crack down and around the emblem. I also thought someone tried to break in. Had oil changed today and the guy at the garage heard of this problem. Googled when I got home and see all these same complaints. Ford does need to address this -
Same here. I noticed the crack a few months ago. It doesnt seem to effect the operation and I cant find any leaking. It just looks kinda crappy. -
tailgate plastic cracked all the way across at center by logo -
Jus purchased my 2002 mercury mountaineer, a month ago. Was shopping day before put grocery in bak, there was no damage to my tailgate. my daughter stopped by to visit pulled up behind mine and noticed the crack under my emblem on the tailgate. At first,thought it was vandalism but no other vehicles were damaged.There's other mercury mountaineer that live at other that's got same damage. THIS IS REALLY MESSED UP! WE PAY ALOT OF GOOD MONEY TO HAVE A NICE VEHICLES.THERE'S GOT TO BE SOME KIND OF JUSTICE! WHATEVER,THE CAUSE!FORD COMPANY SHOULD BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THERE DEFECTED PRODUCTS AND FIX! NOW THAT I HAVE THIS DAMAGE MAKES I WONDER WHATS GOING HAPPEN NEXT. -
I have been noticing this problem on the lift gates for several months now. I just thought it was from people slamming the hatch shut. That apparently isn't the problem, since noticing this I have been very careful not to slam my hatch. I walked out on the driveway a short while ago and found mine has done the same thing and I know now it's not from slamming the hatch shut. The weather has been really cold the last couple of nights. I am now wandering if this might contribute to the problem. Whatever the cause, Ford should take responsibility and fix the problem. Apparently it's a manufacturing problem. -
Noticed a crack a few months ago. It runs through the center of the Mercury emblem from top to bottom. -
At 43908 miles noticed liftgate crack. Contacted dealer who worked with Ford and agreeded to fix it and charge me only $200. That was 1-19-2009. Today is 12-1-11 and the crack is back. Contacted dealer and they offered to fix it again for $800. Ford needs to address this issue!! -
Got the same crack in my rear tailgate by the Mercury symbol. -
I have a 2004 mercury mountaineer, that I have taken really good care of, one day there is a crack on the lift gate. There was no good reason for it, so I did a search and found out that it is a manufacturer problem. My SUV would be in excellent shape except for that crack. It is so upsetting because Ford does nothing for it and they don't take responsiblity for it. -
Liftgate crack appeared around Mercury symbol from top to bottom of panel. -
Our liftgate cracked to the left of the emblem a few years ago. I've seen several Mountaineers and Ford SUVs exhibiting the same defect. -
cracked rear body applique -
Crack on lift gate exactly as described in previous posts. It is now a hobby of mine to look at all Explorers and Mountaineers while commuting to work or traveling for pleasure...same crack, same place. made me feel better (despite the nasty look of it). I thought it was my fault for a while. -
Not fixed unknown when it happened, bought used -
nothing, still caracked -
The tail gate plastic broke. I see this on several other Explorer and Mountaineers. Did Ford cover this issue? -
crack around emblem on lift gate. Ford should fix this. -
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