Coolant Loss Due to Leak from Expansion Tank on BMW 325i

An engine coolant leak may develop from the expansion tank resulting in engine overheating. When a cooling system component fails the entire cooling system should be inspected. It is not uncommon to find additional component have failed or are leaking.

Overheating can cause severe engine damage. If the engine begins to overheat it is recommended to stop at the first available location and have your vehicle towed to a repair shop.

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Average mileage: 112,210 (11,000–230,000)
8 model years affected: 1990, 1995, 2001, 2002, more2003, 2004, 2005, 2006
108 people reported this problem
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2004 BMW 325i 127,000 mi,
Coolant Loss Due to Leak from Expansion Tank
2003 BMW 325i 113,000 mi,
Coolant reserve tank is cracked. Replace once and within 6 mos happened again
2001 BMW 325i 67,000 mi,
Coolant warning sign on. thermostat ok in the middle range, but overheated in the engine.
2003 BMW 325i 121,000 mi,
Had a low coolant light on when starting shut it off had low coolant.put some water in temporally was leaking out as soon as I filled it took to Midas they replaced tank did a flush and new coolant for 345.00. The crack was right down the middle of tank hard to see till tank was removed
2003 BMW 325i 62,000 mi,
coolant light will come up evry 2 days, had to keep refilling it.
2003 BMW 325i 93,000 mi,
The coolant would leak when the car sat idle in a parking lot or at home in the garage. I filled coolant and it would leak right after I drove the car. The coolant low sign in orange would show on the dashboard. Initially I though my battery fluid was low or the batter alternator was not charging my battery. But soon I found the issue. So I had to change the coolant bucket as that was leaking the coolant slowly.
Car overheated without warning with white smoke coming out of the tail pipe. Replaced water pump, thermostat, upper and lower radiator hoses, fan switch and problem still not completely resolved. Coolant sensor disintegrated in expansion tank.
2006 BMW 325i 90,000 mi,
overheating, already changed t*stat, radiator fan sensor , and temperture sensor
2004 BMW 325i 104,000 mi,
justbought vehicle 2 monyhs temperature stated to rise in started to run low on Coolant...have to replace weekly..
2001 BMW 325i 93,000 mi,
I just bought me a really nice 2001 BMW 325I, well I had it for one day and than it started to overheat. I didn't know why it was overheating, and didn't realize that the coolant is low. By the time i was able to add the coolant in it, it was too late. My car was damaged and damaged bad. Well the car broke down basically, it wouldn't start. So I had to get a tow and towed it to my mechanic. The story is BLOW GASKET, HEAD GASKET CRACKED, all because of a simple problem. So sad, repairs costly, est round 3k!!!!
cooling system fails, continually runs hot, even after thermostat replacement
2006 BMW 325i 69,000 mi,
Running hot due to leaky coolant extention tank. Replaced it only to find out the real problem that caused the car to run hot in the first place was the thermostat and water pump were malfunctioning. After replacing all three and a $1200 repair bill, it's now running fine.
2002 BMW 325i 80,000 mi,
Needed a new expansion pump and hose.
2003 BMW 325i 162,000 mi,
Coolant reservoir had a hairline fracture and was leaking coolant.
2001 BMW 325i 13,500 mi,
Coolant gone after ten minutes of driving. Not fixed
Tank cracked leaking coolant. Replaced
Water pump fail followed by coolant reservoir fail.
Leaking don't know if its coolant tank or raditor
1995 BMW 325i 230,000 mi,
Coolent leaks out the lower side
2004 BMW 325i 155,000 mi,
Cracked on the side of the expansion tank. Radiator cracked 10,000 miles after that.