Water Pump May Develop Coolant Leak on BMW 328i

Problem Description and Possible Solution

The low coolant light may illuminate and/or the engine may overheat as a result of a coolant leak from the water pump. The leaking pump will require replacement and the entire cooling system should be inspected for leaks as it is not uncommon to find multiple leaks on higher mileage vehicles.

Overheating can cause severe engine damage. If the engine begins to overheat it is recommended to stop at the first available location and have your vehicle towed to a repair shop.

Problem Data
RepairPal Verified
Average mileage: 97,890 (42,000–169,120)
4 model years affected: 1996, 1998, 2000, 2007
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Was driving on the highway when the vehicle warned me engine components were over heating. Pulled over and had the vehicle towed to dealership. Was told Thermostat, water pump & coolant expansion tank need to be replaced. $1700+ FML
I was on the freeway then out of now where the dash threw a code it was over heating and it lost power mid freeway I waited about 20 mins and tried turning it on, it worked I popped the hood open and there was coolant everywhere, I tightned the cap and wiped everything down drive it home with no problem for the rest of the day, but the problem presented itself again the following day. I don't k own what to do.
Thermostat changed 2 months ago, shortly after I noticed the car fan was running full speed at all times. Kept asking the repair shop they said it was normal after they ran it through a pressure test. A wk later it ran hot, I added water and took it back to the repair shop and still nothing. A month later it ran hot 2 times in a 2 wk span to the point of smoking. They finally decided to look further and decided it was a failed water pump. Always go with your fist mind. You drive the car you know what is normal for it don't let anyone convince you other wise. My own husband kept saying I was crazy when I initially said, this car sounds too loud! Replace water pump 900.00 job:(
I put a new thermostat in it And it still overheating Is that to be the water pump or could it be the fan fan switch