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(2005 Ford Five Hundred)
in San Antonio, TX on June 29, 2009
Should my Ford 500 still be under warranty for compressor repairs if it has 79,000 miles?
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on March 11, 2010
this is a problem with ford . i own a 2006 500 and my ac compressor also went my car has only 59k miles on it.and they wont cover it. also my motor mount went as well ... i will never buy another ford product again...
on May 27, 2010
My compressor went out too! 2006 fivehundred. with 58k. How is this possible with 3 of us on here that it's not come defect???
on June 01, 2010
My 2006 ac compressor 60k miles just went out. I agree.
on June 01, 2010
Ours went out on a 2005 at 39k miles. From other forums, this is extremely common from the very first year.
on June 09, 2010
2006 comnpressor went out, 1800 bucks to replace it, 60k miles
on June 14, 2010
Yeppers, mine just went out too. 2006 Ford 500 with only 51420 miles!!!! Going to cost $1054 to fix. AND they are on BACK ORDER for 4 weeks!!! WTH????
on June 14, 2010
South Florida 2005 Limited 37k miles bad compressor and replaced motor mount. Dealer had my compressor in next day. Luck he found one in the state. Thanking the extra $1000 I paid for the extended warranty.
on June 16, 2010
Yep, Yep, My 2005 has 38,500 miles, and I need a compressor. Instrument cluster went out at @10,000. Seems like a common failure. I also will never buy another Ford product after owning this car from new.
on June 23, 2010
Absolutely correct! My mother-in-law drove her 2005 Ford 500 off the dealer lot brand new. She only drives two work (lives with-in 1.5 miles from work) and to the grocery store once a week. Her car has 49,121 miles and the a/c compressor went out, it is going to cost $1,200 (least expensive quote) to replace the compressor. The three mechanics I brough the car to also said when you change the a/c compressor you also have to change the dryer so that you get the warrently.
on June 24, 2010
Okay, I'm not alone! I purchased my 2005 Ford Five Hundred SEL April of 2005 brand new with 101 miles on it. I currently have about 100,000 (mostly highway miles) on it. It is currently in the shop right now because of the ac compressor failing! I honestly never had any issues with the car except this one and it's quite obvious from everyone's response that there is a great consensus of compressor failures here! I don't know why they don't do something about this, it's going to cost me out the wha-zoo to get this fixed, they guess-timated about $1000! I bought this car for dependability, but when it's 100 degrees outside, and it doesn't blow cold air, dependability is a far cry.

I took my car in b/c at idol, it doesn't blow cold. Then when I increase my RPM's to about 2,000 it gets cold on the DRIVER'S SIDE ONLY, the passenger's side is very hot!
on June 28, 2010
on June 29, 2010
Ditto! My 2006 500 has the same idle problem regarding the compressor. I'm being told they are on backorder nationally, so it is an obvious problem. It seems like this is a widespread problem. Will Ford do the right thing??? Otherwise, I've had no problems with the vehicle.
on July 01, 2010
Dealing with the same issue. 2005 Ford 500, drove it off lot new and at 77K my compressor isn't working. Living through Florida summers doesn't cut it without AC but the dealer is going to charge 1,2K to fix. Anyone able to get help from Ford???
on July 02, 2010
I thought I was crazy.. 2006 (bought it in 05) Ford 500... Air blows cold when you are doing 60 MPH on the highway... Around town HOT!!! I was going to call the dealer to find out what was wrong... looks like I know now... Also had to have a motor mount replaced last year, which I thought was strange as well.
on July 06, 2010
Well add me to the list. I bought my 2006 Limited brand new. Same compressor problem. I think the compressor also surges which causes my car to jerk when I'm putting it in gear sometimes...foot still on the brake and it will jerk when putting into gear. I wonder what it takes to get a Ford to do a recall? Don't think I will be buying another Ford either.
on July 07, 2010
***Email me if you would like to make a class action law suit against Ford****my email is, here is what happened, less than a year ago I bought my Ford 500 and love it until compressor goes out at 56k, I've been driving around all summer without air conditioning because I cannot afford the repairs. I reside in South TX and it is unbelievably hot right now. I know that after reading all of these previous comments on Ford, I will never ever buy another one, and will tell everyone I know of all these that I've read previously of everyone's nightmare with this. You would think that there would be a recall on this part. Let's take this a step further, and get together, if you buy a junk product, or there is a defect, there should be a way to have it repaired at no cost, there is no negligence on my part, I have all maintenance since car was purchased by its first owner. If this is your situation as well please get in touch with me. I am awaiting a phone call from my attorney.
on July 12, 2010
Seriously, Ford needs to recall this...I also have a 2005 Ford 500...compressor problem. Being quoted over $1000 for repairs. Obviously there are faulty compressors in these cars...RIDICULOUS!!!
on July 12, 2010

Go here....file an investigation...maybe we can get them to recall this!
on July 16, 2010
Same thing here. I am in Sacramento, CA area...2006 Five Hundred, about 86K on it. A/C has died, and the repair cost is outrageous!! Something needs to be done!
on July 20, 2010
I own a 2005 Ford 500. At around 38K I had to have the transmission module replaced due to a jerk when it was under a pull such as a hill. Then I noticed a clicking in the front axle. I took it in and the front CV Joints were bad. These have been replaced twice as they are dry socket parts with not grease certs to grease them. Also, my break pads were out before 40K with this car. Next and most recent, I have a car that blows hot air on the passenger side and cold on the drivers side and also will not cool unless I am running 60-70 mph. Ludacrous! I am also looking into the lemon law in the state in which I reside.
on July 21, 2010
Oh my God I have a 2006 ford 500 and same problem with the compressor and the motor mount, ford should help us out it's very expensive to fix this problem, this is "bs"
on July 23, 2010
Well it hit my 2005 Five hundred today with 61K miles. Air conditioner compressor just would not pump. I bought the car new and my ESP warranty ran out in December. I contacted the dealer where I bought the car and have it serviced. The service manager was very nice and offered me a 30% parts and labor coverage, with the repair bill being about $1200 before 30% reduction. I called Ford customer service line and they would not do anything to help more than the 30%. Fortunately I am able to do my own auto repairs on some things. I went to a different Ford dealer and bought the compressor for about $400. I installed the new compressor and A/C works great now. I am very disappointed in Ford's support with a known problem on this.
on July 24, 2010
I have a 2005 Mercury Montego, 34,000 miles and now I'm needing a new a/c compressor. Sure seems like a common thread. I told my local Ford dealer service manager I didn't think that was very good performance on a compressor with only 34,000 miles. He agreed. I told him I didn't want to use another Ford part on this as from this experience we already knew they were trash.
on July 29, 2010
Add another compressor to the list. I have a 2006 with 51,000 miles and the same issue. The A/C works fine at highway speeds but blows warm at slow speeds or stoped
on July 29, 2010
We too have the same problem. I was told today that the compressor is on National back order for at least three weeks. Surely Ford will step forward and make this right.
on August 01, 2010
This is ridiculous. I too have encountered and echo the same sentiments as listed here regarding my a/c. I have less than 45K miles, live in Florida (where by mid-morning it's 100 degrees) and no cold air. When I called to inquire about reoccurring problems with 500 a/cs, I was told there were none. Liars! This list definitely shows that there is a problem. In addition to the a/c, I also had to have my motor mount replaced last year. Something is WRONG...very wrong. Being an American and buying American, you'd hope and think that you could count on quality products and services; however, it looks like this isn't the case.

Right now I'm contemplating whether I should pay for the repairs or trade her in for something more reliable. I am a single mother and full-time student and can't afford to make monthly payments and large repair bills at the same time.

Totally disappointed....
on August 01, 2010
I posted the July 23 post about my experience. Everyone please call the Ford customer service line number listed in answer #2, It's probably the only chance of getting anything done. There probably will not be a recall due to the fact that recalls are generally for safety related defects. There is a chance that Ford will change there position on after warranty repairs if enough people call them. When I purchased my compressor that I installed, I learned that the compressor clutches are what is on back order and won't be available until late September. The compressor is available without the clutch and in most cases is all that is needed to make the repair. I don't agree with Ford's position on this but they have to hear a lot of complaints before they will make any adjustment.
on August 02, 2010
Add me to the list. Purchased a new 500 - it has 26k miles. I drive it seldomly. And now in 100 degree weather, I was told by the dealer that the compressor had to be replaced at a cost of $1700. This is ridiculous!
on August 03, 2010
Add me to the list I also own a 2005 500 and my ac compressor also went my car has only 60kmiles on it.and they wont cover it. also my motor mount went as well ...
on August 04, 2010
Another 2005 Five Hundred bites the dust at 90K in 102+ degree weather. Tolerably cools only at 60-70 mph. I was told that no compressor would be available until 15 November! This is unbelievable and not sure how I am going to get this vehicle cooling again. Mama is not happy.
on August 09, 2010
Add my 2007 to the list at 58,000 miles. I thought I was fortunate that it was found with a "leak" but just got the call, repairs $1043. I too live in Florida and am the original owner. Always, always use Ford dealer for repairs/scheduled maintence. I feel lucky though, the price above is with their 10% discount and they have the part in stock. Go figure. I must add that after my original post the local service department came through and will do it as warantee work with me just paying a deductible. I'm feeling very fortunate!
on August 13, 2010
I purchased a new 2006 in May of 2006. After the first week I tried to make them take it back. I have had problems since the first week of ownership. Problem #1 - It ran hot after the first 8 days in 2006 @ about 130 miles. Problem #2 shortly after problem #1, water started flooding the inside passenger floor. Ford said it was because of a clogged evaporator or something. They fixed problems #1 and #2. Now at just under 60,000 miles, I am told that my compressor is bad and it will cost around $1800 (which I can not afford) so unless I am driving really fast, I am sweating bullets while at idle! Just this past month I have been told I will need to replace my motor mounts. I will never recommend or buy another FixOrRepairDaily vehicle!
on August 29, 2010
I first contacted my dealer who was going to give me the "discounted" price of $1,285. I then cold called another dealer who qouted me the same price. I then called Ford Customer Care. 4 days later my dealer told me they had made a calculation mistake and would do the total job for $517.25 tax included. I guess you just have to learn who to talk to.
on October 20, 2010
I have a 2006 with a little under 80K miles, and I was recently told my compressor needs to be replaced, and my top motor mount will also need to be replaced. I called ford (1-800-392-3673) and filed a complaint as there is not currently a recall for either issue. I was told it helps to have as many other people file a complaint as possible, so i urge everyone to at least call and report the issues you are having. It only took 3 minutes, and it could be well worth it.
on October 30, 2010
Where do i do this complain I have a 2007 with only 35,000 and I took it to Greenway Ford At East Colonial in Orlando Florida they told the compressor nee to be replaced for 1,6001.56 awful and unbelievable, they should have this as a RECALL!
on June 23, 2011
There will be many more Ford 500 AC issue postings for year 2011 I guarantee you.

Hey FORD - I have been following this thread for a long time since myAC was going out towards the end of the 2010 summer. And now that 2011 summer is here, it's time to fix it or endure sweating all over my work clothes each day before I even get to work. Oh yes, the drive home really bites the big one when you are in 110 F degree stop and go traffic with an AC that blows as icy as the stares I give the Ford dealership I pass by each day on my way to and from work.

Hey FORD - This isn't a frustrating $200 or $300 repair, we are talking about a repair the price of a mortgage payment or two. And for those of you who wondered why I waited until 2011 summer to fix my AC....Ask yourself this in case you are a reader coming here towards the end of summer 2011 - These units are going out at about the same time and we all live in different climate zones from lots of humidity to extremely low, etc.

The persons here who had their AC unit go out at 40,000 miles versus other persons who lost their AC unit at 80,000 miles probably had different driving patterns. What I mean by that is the lower the mileage, the more stop and go city driving they did versus the higher mileage units who failed probably live in the suburbs or maybe in another smaller town outside the city they work in. Bottom line is that relatively speaking, mileage has probably little to no bearing on the failure of the units.

More accurately, the units are all defective from the day they were manufactured and will operate properly for "X" amount of hours before unit failure. That is why I chose to wait until summer of 2011 to fix this because who is to say that the new one will be any different. Knowing how Ford operates, it is probably the same one with no changes to address the problems.

[the drive belt(s) in vehicles will spin AC compressors whether the compressor is on or off] [when AC turns on then that compressor demands a "certain load" from the drive belt reducing engine performace but allowing the compressor to do its job]

This problem should be classified as a safety issue and thus be treated like any government vehicle safety mandated recall and here is why jackass Ford -

I live in a very hot dry climate. I understand you don't fix something (other companies domestic and foreign follow same rules) unless it's a safety issue like your rusty gas tank binders on the 500 models or the door that can become frozen open in

cold temperatures, but I would argue that YOUR AC UNITS FAILING IS A SERIOUS SAFETY HAZARD ESPECIALLY SINCE A HIGH PERCENTAGE OF PEOPLE IN THE UNITED STATES ARE ELDERLY and very temperature sensitive. There are laws in my county allowing first responders to make forced entry into a vehicle to rescue an animal, whether it is winter or summer, if the owner leaves them in the car for five minutes or longer. So Ford - get your head out of your big hairy taco shell stinky money scratchin and sweaty *** and understand that having no AC is just as much a safety issue for the elderly passengers who are very temperature sensitive and secondly, the safety of the driver who is responsible for safely transporting their passengers and sometimes kids without the fear of dehydrating because of a busted piece of junk AC unit. Rest stops can be 60 miles or more in my area and in between there are circling black crows and temperatures in the shade that are 105 F.

Hey FORD - You sold this vehicle to dealerships in my climate zone where I live and you should be responsible for the safety of its occupants with faulty AC units just like the junky rubber bands holding the gas tank on. There is a serious flaw with the quality of your work as you are fully aware, but won't admit to incriminate yourself. Remember this though - Greed has blinded your company so dishonorably that you would choose not to fix a $1200 safety & quality mistake and thus have unilaterally chosen to alienate current Ford owners and every potential Ford vehicle those persons would have purchased over the course of their entire lifetime. A very huge problem indeed not just for you Ford because I could care less if you were in business tomorrow or not, but what about the millions of people who depend on you to stay in business so they can put food on the table. Well anyway, ultimately this and other numerous reasons are why things are so bad with domestic vehicles today. Usually capitalism eliminates companies like you, but your piles of dung are still laying around and the piles are growing larger by the day. In fact, just thinking about having to "shell out" $1,200 for my last major repair on a domestic vehicle makes me need to take a huge dung. When I fork over the twelve, one-hundred dollar bills to a pot marked faced kid and his daddy at the repair shop, I will gently remind them after the work is completed and looking at the younger kid that money like this is a rarity because the die hard Ford fans are dying off and the younger generation is a lot less forgiving of thieving companies when there are other options. Those other car options will come at a price to everybody, but luckily Ford is slowly progressing towards leaving the country so those who rely on them can slowly shift focus to bigger, happier, and more reliable vehicles.
on July 19, 2011
I found threads on other websites about this issue. Many talk about a $40 fix (refrigerant control valve), NOT a failed compressor. My dealer also wanted $1500+ to fix the problem, but $40 fixed the issue. Check out for the part, it's part #V001. Might save some people some money and headache!
on April 02, 2012
My 2007 Ford 500 has 28,000. Just like so many of you, my air conditioner does not blow cold air unless I am going at a high rate of speed. Because the car has been driven very little, the mechanic recommended that I replace the expansion valve. This didn't help at all. Now I'm buying a compressor and having it installed today. It is sad to think that Ford hasn't tried to correct this problem especially when it can be fixed with a $40.00 part. I am a female and find myself at the mercy of the mechanic. I must have a dependable vehicle. I had a Ford Ranger that has 140,000 miles when I sold it. It never gave me any problem. I have also owned a Ford F250 pick up truck and it was dependable. Sadly, this car has let me down and has cost me a lot of money. I'll never buy a Ford again. I will let you know if the new compressor takes care of the problem.
on April 11, 2012
Ok I answered this because I had the same problem tha 40 dollar valve inside the back of the compressor was the problem I fixed it myself it is easy to replace
on July 03, 2012
Suffered through last year's Charleston SC summer without ac. Also have bad top motor mount, trunk hydraulics are bad (they fixed that 60K ago-not), disturbing surge problem, left rear door holding water (cleaned it out myself), cv joint replaced after the warranty went out. Still have no ac-can't afford to fix it. At least last year it cooled a little while I was moving. I'm dying here. Humid and 103 degrees... Sad since I have never had a car that fit me so well and doesn't hurt my back.
on January 27, 2013
Hey guys I just seen an article where some one said if you replace the scroll valve or control valve I am not sure which it is called that it fixes the problem without pulling your A/C which will be far cheaper. I hope this works for most of you.
on June 29, 2009
It is highly unlikely that this will be covered under any warranty with the exception of an extended service contract.
on March 31, 2013
Our '05 has had AC problems for a while now(hot air at idle). We were coming home from vacation yesterday and the compressor locked up, broke the belt, and left my wife and I with our 2 kids stranded almost 200 miles from home. Now our car is in a city 200 miles from home waiting on parts to be repaired next week and then we have to make arrangements to go get it...
on October 11, 2014
Same problem with my 05 500 gettin compressor done today how long is the labor time if everythings out
on August 08, 2010
I live in Murphy,NC and also own a 2005 Ford 500 with 74k miles and the air cond. just went out...same problems. It is blowing hot air and car jerks forward when I take the foot off the brake to drive. I am starting to think Ford has a self destruct setting inside my car because I never had any problems until I made the last payment!
on August 11, 2010
I too just made my last payment and now my a/c blowing hot air until going 55 for awhile and then just barely cool.I bought it new in 2005,also a 500 only has 60,000 miles.Ford needs to make this right,or i won't be buying a Ford again.Cars this new ought not have problems this bad.
on August 12, 2010
Aww man, I am completely bummed to find this thread. I just searched the web and found this board because I am taking my 2005 500 (58k miles) to the shop tomorrow. Tada! It has dead A/C and also surges when I am reversing out of parking lots. Frick.
on August 13, 2010
Oh yes, I also have had a surging problem since day 1 and Ford says there is nothing wrong with my car and they have not found that problem. I am afraid I wil eventually back into someone!
on August 30, 2010
Our company has a fleet of 500's. All have the surging problem. Was finally told that it was the Throttle Body causing the surging problem. Also lost my AC 3 months ago.
on November 17, 2010
'06- 90,000 - Had throttle body replaced 2 months ago.($750) Now compressor leaking.($1500+)
Is there a law that governs recalls?
on August 13, 2010
I have a 2006 Ford Five Hundred with just under 60,000 miles on it. I have experienced problems with it since the first week of ownership. I tried to make them take it back. 1st problem - It ran hot the first week. ford had to put fluids in it. 2nd problem - Water coming back into the car from the AC(I guess). They fixed that. Now my compressor is going out and will cost aroung $1800 to fix. I was just told my motor mounts are broken. I hate the car and will never buy another Ford again.
on August 16, 2010
Another Ford Five Hundred First it was the Rotors then the instrument cluster then we went to door holding water and now we are at compressor and motor mount. Swore I would never buy a Ford now i am sure of it car was bought new and has 80,000 miles on it. At least Toyota recalls when there is a concern. NEVER AGAIN FORD!!!
on August 27, 2010
Trust me, I am just as angry, but the door/water issue is an easy fix: run your finger between the rubber strip on the bottom and get the gunk out. I do this about every 6 months and the problem has stopped. Annoying, but easily overcome with no cost.

Now, about the motor mounts and compressor...
on October 13, 2010
I have an 06 500 and bought new, drove off lot with 1.3 miles on it, had a bumber to bumber warranty and every time I took it in to the dealer for a repair they said it was not covered(go figure) anyhow, my a/c compressor also went out - if I drive 60 it blows real cool, if I sit idle blows hot (not good with this TX heat) - something must be done! I should not have to pay for a repair like this when the car is not that old.
on November 26, 2010
This makes me crazy!! Bought 5 Fords from the same dealer and am getting NO support. This is criminal. And we all know FMC has the dough to make it right. Now my heater has taken a dump, in winter, in Chicago. Anyone with heater problems?
on June 04, 2011
Add me to the list. 05 500 with 48000 miles I experienced the same problem last summer. Dealer said it was low on coolant. Well, still having the same problem this summer, 2011. took it back to the dealer and they now said my compressor needs to be replaced. How extended warranty expired two weeks ago.
on July 01, 2011
Same problem here 2006 Ford 500, when stopped the air does not stay cold. This is ridiculous, the car only has 58K miles on it. Come on Ford step up and cover this! My car is taken very good care of. This is a nationwide problem!
If in doubt call Ford North America's customer Service number 800-392-3673
on July 17, 2010
well hate to say it but i have a 2006 500 with 62000 miles and a/c problems. Shop said it was an expansion valve but it doing the same as everyone eles so i don't know.
on September 26, 2010
I just experienced the same problem with my 2005 500. Blows 67 degree air at low speed and idle, 62 degrees at highway speed. Was told the compressor is bad for a total repair cost of $1800!
on June 04, 2011
on June 09, 2011
Yep, I have a 2005 Ford Five Hundred. Compresser went out at 75,000. Transmission went out at 50,000. Trunk hydralics went out at 20,000, had them replaced, they are out again. Can't open trunk unless I hold it up to keep it from falling on my head! Ford has alot of problems with this model.. My next car - I am going back to Honda.
on November 15, 2011
First compressor out at 42,000 miles, second one just went out at 84,000 miles, what going on Ford. This is a concern.
on February 02, 2012
My AC failed at 82,000.
on June 23, 2012
2007 model 80,000 miles a/c failed
on July 09, 2017
My It Looks Like I Am The One Who Should Be Mad, As My Ford Year: 2005, Model 500,
At 24,775 Miles, Just Had Its A/C Stop Working, And About 23,500 Miles Had To Replace The Top Motor Mount. I Still Have That Motor Mount Part, As I Thought About Calling The Local Ford Dealer Rep, As I Thought It May Have Been Some Damage Done By Some One At The Ford Dealer Shop, But I Did Not Make The Call. Now That I Have An A/C Unit That's Bad At 24,775 Miles. I Am Going To Make That Call, About The Motor Mount And The A/C Unit. I Am Just Very Happy To Have Found This Thread.
I Can Most Likely Fix The A/C Unit By My Self, After Seeing The Post About Replacing
The Refrigerant Control Valve ( RCV ), As I Know About Auto A/C Unit Repairs In General, From My High School Days. It Been A Longtime Since Then (1956), I Think I Will Give It A Try. As I Still Have My Tools To Do The Work. If I Get Any Help From Ford
On These Problems I Will Come Back To This Thread And Post The Results.
Please Wish Me Luck.

on August 06, 2010
Same issue, 67,000 and the A/C blows hot at idle, Ford dealer diagnosed today and quoted $1,700 to replace compressor, drier, expansion valve, Holly crap.The car was purchased new in 2006 and the input shaft to the CVT transmission broke at the weld at 55,000 mi. - this was covered under the extended 60,000 mile drivetrain warranty, should have traded it in right then. Oh and yes , I too had to have the motor mount replaced at a cost of $200 plus.
on August 08, 2010
Another unhappy customer - 73K miles with many of the problems mentioned by others . My AC problem showed up about a week before the alternator failed leaving us stranded with a dead car - Could those problems be related? AC works except at idle. Car has a lot going for it, but these common problems really need to be addressed by FMC or they will lose the loyalty of their customers.
on August 13, 2010
Can someone tell me how to determine if my 2005's engine is pre/post Jan 3rd? There are two replacement compressors for this model.
on September 04, 2010
How about a 2006 500 with 23,000 miles. New compressor and yes the left rear door holds water. I live in SW Florida and get to drain it a lot. But still is a great car compared to many others I have driven.
on September 09, 2010
I live in south florida also. Have the same problem with the left door holding water. Drives me crazy to hear the splashing water everytime i brake. is there a solution for this besides having to constantly drain myself??
on March 05, 2011
Make the hole in the gasket larger with snips.
on February 23, 2011
the freezezone leaked from my air compressor. does this mean you need a hose or a new compressor
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