Q: Codes p1083 and p1084 on 1998 GMC Jimmy

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Check engine light came on. Ran the scanner and got the codes p1083 and p1084. Engine idles rough, hesitates slightly. Temp on catalytic converter read hotter in front than in back. Had spark plugs and wires replaced, fuel filter replaced, O2 sensor replaced by Catalytic Converter. My mechanic said to try fuel injector cleaner to see if it clears up the rough idle. I do know there is a crack in my muffler, but would that cause the rough idle and engine light to come on?
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P0183 and P0184 are Fuel Temperature Sensor codes, so you need to have a shop that can check for these codes. All this other work was not really useful. It could just be a bad Fuel Temperature Sensor.
Thanks for your reply. I have a further question if you don't mind. A Fuel Temperature Sensor going bad would cause the rough idling? Where is this particular item located?
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