Q: Code po141 whats the deal on 2005 Acura RSX

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05 acura 2.0 had car checked had 2 codes of po141.the parts house said its o2 heater sensor circuit malfunction bank 1 sensor2. replaced downstream o2 sensor. light came back on about an hour later.I installed stainless steel exhaust on car awhile back doesn't have converter, they told me when i bought it that it would work with no problems.Well there's some kind of problem. Any ideas out there to solve this problem? Or what this code means. Thanks
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Make sure you have the correct power and ground to the rear O2 sensor heater circuit in your 2005 Acura RSX. Please see the RepairPal article for code po141 -
I had same code, replaced O2 sensor 1, back sensor was good. Ended up having to replace cat converter, luckily Acura did under warranty.
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