Q: clutch slave cylinder is jammed on 1991 Nissan Maxima

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When I put in a new (used) transmission in my car, I realized the slave cylinder was stuck in gear mode. I didn't notice this problem when I had the transmission loose, and I think that the lever worked before installation. So does anyone know what would cause the pressure lever to be jammed, not allowing the clutch to slide into disengage mode? Its not actually the slave cylinder that's the problem, it's internal.
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you need to pull the unit again to verify that the throwout bearing is installed correctly. you also need to make sure the clutch disc is not installed backwards.

well it looks like the release lever functions properly, so I'm guessing it must have to do with the pressure plate and disc. They worked before the transmission went out, so I'm guessing they are installed right. But nothing moves when the release lever pushes against the teeth. Did something maybe go wrong within the pressure plate and clutch system when the transmission went out? I'm asking so I might know what to look for if I start taking the clutch apart. First timer!
hard to say. you must remove the unit again. i think either the throwout bearing is not on the fork or you have an issue with the disc being in backwards.

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