Q: Clicking coming from passenger rear tire on 1994 Dodge Ram Van B350

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Hello, the back tire has just started a clicking sound. I had a four tires replaced 2 months ago. The van has 104000 mile on it. Do you think it is the rear axle shaft? what is the estimate for a 1994 Dodge Van 350.

Thanks, Shawn
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I wouldn't guess at an axle shaft issue. I would absolutely have someone take a look. It could be something inside rear drums (if equipped with drums) that is clicking, like a dislodged spring or retainer.

Axle shafts won't make a click noise - they may make a rumble noise from a bearing or something like that.

Last, a universal joint on the drive shaft could make some noise.
Hi Dave,

Thanks for the information. I will absolutly tell my mechanic too take apart the drum. I just had a new set of tires put on, they probally dislodged it. Any cost estimates on these isuues?

Thanks Again, Shawn
If it's something inside the drum, usually the cost of a brake job will cover expenses.

Check out the Estimator tool (top of the page) to find out more about brake pricing in your area for your vehicle.
Hi Dave,

Thanks for the response. Had the rear brakes done 8-9 months ago.

Thanks, Shawn
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