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Check Engine Light on, Catalytic Converter Fault on Honda Odyssey

Problem Description and Possible Solution

There have been reports of Catalytic Converter failure that causes the Check Engine light to come on. Replacing the catalytic converter will repair this issue.

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Honda Odyssey Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 138,020 (14,800–230,000)
8 model years affected: 1995, 1999, 2000, 2001, more2005, 2006, 2007, 2009
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I had my catalytic converter replaced with an after market one four months ago. Last week I had my muffler replaced, and the man that replaced it said the converter was not done very well and he welded a spot on it for me. Since then, my check engine light has been on. I have been told not to be concerned about the light being on because the computer doesn't recognize after market catalytic converters. Is this true. Should I stop worrying about it.
My 05 Odyssey had 4 catalytic converters on it and ALL burned out. Honda charged me about $1,000.00 every single time to replace them. They said they didn't know why they went bad. I finally had a non-Honda mechanic be honest with me and tell me that I had a leak in my fuel system which was apparently not worth fixing. He told me to sell the vehicle. Wish I had known this MUCH earlier from the Honda service technicians. Apparently this is a VERY common problem with the Odysseys. Why hasn't there been a recall???!!!
My check engine light came on and I was told it was the Catalytic Converter. We tried a gas additive and using higher grade gas. It stays off for a while after it is reset, then comes back. Now we are thinking of replacing the Converter with an after market Converter. Hoping this will solve the problem.
Engine light is activating periodically. Honda dealership says one of the three catalytic converters needs to be replaced. Had one replaced in 2013. The light seems to activate and then shut off for no particular reason. I wonder why? I understand the catalytic converter either works or does not. If the catalytic converter needs to be replaced, then should not the light be activated full time instead of periodically? Also, the engine is burning oil as is common with the variable valve engine. It seems the variable valve feature is not active when the engine light is activated. Is this correct? The dealership wants to perform an oil consumption test to understand the amount being burned. I have already documented to them about this. Logic suggests, oil is burned while the variable valve feature is active. The catalytic converters must be operational for the variable valve feature to function. The oil consumption test will only be accurate if I spend $900 to replace another of the catalytic converters. Make sense? If I do not spend the $900, the car might or might not pass the annual state inspection being performed today. Thanks for your help!
Check engine light comes on was told by dealership its the Catalytic Converter needing to be replaced. Seems to happen to a lot of hondas
My Honda Odyssey has check engine light on and the dealer says catalytic converter need to be replaced.
Had to have Catalytic converter replaced. I shopped around after the dealership quoted me $800 to $1000 to do the job. Had replaced locally for $225. Lost a lot of faith in the dealership after this. Fixed problem. This was around 4 years ago.
Spent $1400 and three days without a car to have them fix what they thought was the issue. As we were driving to CA on vacation, about twenty miles from home, the check engine light came on. They did not tell me it was the cat when it was in the shop, but it looks like it might be (from all the comments I have read). Drove all the way to SanD with the check engine light on. Guess I'll have to find the rest of the money to fix the cat now! Pretty sure it won't pass emissions inspection in Aug otherwise.
I did a lot of things, but stll no luck, included replaced aftermarket catalytic converter.
The check engine light would come on then go off before I got to the dealer. Past codes came up as the catalytic converter and gas cap. They changed the catalytic converter and ordered me a new gas cap. One week later check engine light came on and stayed on. That is when they tell me there are three catalytic converters. They changed the first one in cell 3. Now they tell me I need to change the one in cell one. What was supposed to be a $650 repair turned into almost $1,300. If they would have told me this I may not have change the first one as my vehicle is old
Engine light on.
Problem diagnosed as catalytic converter gone bad.
Replacing catalytic converter
intermittent check engine light progressing to solid check engine light. Dealership says it is one of the cats and will cost $1500 to replace
My check engine light was on but not a flashing check engine light. My vehicle was running fine until I was running low on fuel and needed to drive 200 miles to get home so I stop to nearest gas station which was outer state. As I proceeded to drive maybe about 100 miles into the drive my check engine light was flashing or should I say blinking. I took it to a Honda dealer for a diagnostic after leaving my car there for two days they told me it was the cataylitic converter all 3 of them I had to replace and the cost will be about $1500. I said no way, and drove the car right out. Still trying to find a good reasonable out of market price and I'm still working on it.. My advice stay away from a Honda dealer or mechanic they will charge u an arm and a leg for a part you might as well get else where for much reasonable price.