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Q: check engine light on and rear tire pressure on 2001 Toyota MR2 Spyder

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Hi my 2001 Spyders CE light was on code was o2censor. We replaced it and guess what happened? I had a heartattack and about died when i saw that my check engine light is STILL on!! Why!!The cost of that thing gave me the onset of a heartattaCK AND now to see it didnt even fix it!! I need help could anyone give me something to start with?I gotta get this thing smoged ASAP. Also i remember something about the rear tire pressure needs to be pretty low to have good control not what toyota says but what those of us that own these cars say(not to mention Toyotas track record these days) and im inclined to listen to us owners so could someone tell me approx pressure in rear i have new dunlap directional factory size rear tires
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First and foremost, you need to get the specific code for the oxygen sensor, there are dozens and each one has a different solution and they are NOT necessarily to replace the oxygen sensor. I do Smog failure and Check Engine Light Diagnosis for a living in California, and believe me, you NEED to know what you are doing. If you get the code checked at a parts store they will sell you WHATEVER just to get some money, they are not trained at ALL!
Sometimes people try to check their own codes and they get parts that don't address the real issue or they get a part that does more harm than good from a chain parts store. I just looked at a 2006 Nissan Xterra yesterday where the customer replaced 2 oxygen sensors from a chain parts store. The oxygen sensor part quality was so cheap that the oxygen sensor heater elements shorted and blew out his computer, now he needs a new computer and 2 new oxygen sensors for around $2000!!!.

I hope that you are getting my points. I do Gold Shield Smog Diagnosis and repair in the Bay Area, go to a Gold Shield Smog Station and apply for the Consumer Assistance Program, it does not matter how much money you have or make. The State will help you with the repair and now there is VRRM which can total about $1400 in available funds to fix your car. Almost on one gets turned away, I do this for a living. Then you will have a Gold Shield Smog Station Smog Tech, who are in the top 5% percent deal with your vehicle and it will be fixed for at least 4 years. There is a $20 to upto $100 deductible. It is a great system to help consumers with the head ache of Smog Diagnosis. I have been a Smog Tech for 25 years, believe me, it is not easy to fix these vehicles to make them run clean again, trust me.
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