Q: check engine light on on 1998 Audi A4 Quattro

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hi my check engine light is on and am wondering if it's just taking it in and getting computer reprogramed or more serious. The gauge cluster is half burnt out and going through dealer is very expensive to buy new cluster, do I have any other options? Also cruise does not work also any options on getting it fixed and recommendatios.

Thanks a bunch!!
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The Check Engine Light does not mean a computer re-program is needed. It means that the Engine Management and Emissions Control System sees a fault condition which causes your vehicle to emit more air pollution. If your cluster is damaged, this alone can set a Check Engine Light.( The cluster is a gateway for the communication between the computer systems )First thing to do is to get the Check Engine Light code(s) retrieved and then do your diagnosis. It may also tell you what is causing your cruise control not to work.
dandd With all due respect, couldnt he begin by purchasing a good handheld computer to retrieve the codes (OBD) to see what it says. That's what I did because the dealer wanted $150 to tell me what was wrong. My husband just told me that a nation-wide auto parts store will run a computer diagnosis at no charge. That might be a start before paying a fortune at the dealer. Please correct me if I am wrong in thinking this might be the best way to start. He could then go online to look up the code meanings.
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