Volkswagen Passat W8 Problem Report

Volkswagen Passat W8 Check Engine Light Due to Faulty Torque Converter

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A problem with the torque converter can cause the Check Engine Light to illuminate.

Check engine lite throws torque converter codes. Found a German W8 site where a mechanic took it apart to see what the issues were. Found that it was not torque converter. Instead, it is the cam shaft postion sensor that feeds data to ecm. Issue is dirty oil gumming cam solenoid that moves cam in response to engine loads! Do an engine flush and change full synthetic oil every 3,000 miles. -
Yes I've been driving with the engine light on for 6 months due to converter problems. The customer service rep keeps telling me there is " no recall ". However I know for a fact that other VW Passat's have the recall, just my enough complaints about the 2003 W8 -
engine light came on. Diagnosis: faulty torque converter. Estimated cost of repair" $1500 for parts, $1600 for labor. Bad Luck or something endemic with the W8? -
Engine light is on, says it has something to do with torque converter or the electrical of it, OR plugged up...... pretty vague so not sure what to do about it -
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I bought the car not knowing of this problem. Bring to a reliable mechanic instead of a dealership. Needed a whole new tranny. dealership said 7k. mechanic found a tranny kit with all parts for an 04 w8 auto transmission and is doing the job for 4k. research into a few mechanic shops and it will be well worth it. -
indicator warning re torque converter is on and slipage noted -
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