Torque Converter

A torque converter transfers rotating power (torque) from the engine to the rest of the drivetrain. 

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Torque Converter

  • Illumination of the Check Engine Light
  • Engine stalling
  • Clanking or rattling type noise as engine speed changes
  • Abnormal vibration
  • Lack of power
  • Transmission fluid leak
  • Abnormal noise when the starter is engaged

Torque Converter Related Repair Advice

  • In addition to transferring the power from the engine to the driveline, the torque convertor will "slip" at idle, allowing the engine to remain running while the drive wheels are stopped
  • To increase fuel economy, all modern vehicles have an electronically controlled clutch inside the torque convertor which "locks" the torque converter at freeway speeds, eliminating any internal slippage
  • If the torque converter clutch does not disengage at idle, the engine may stall
  • Simply draining the transmission, or removing the pan and filter, does not drain the old fluid from the torque convertor. A fluid exchange procedure must be performed to remove and replace all of the fluid in the transmission, torque convertor, and cooler system.
  • The torque convertor should be replaced when the transmission is overhauled or replaced

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