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Check Engine Light Due to Catalytic Converter Failure on Nissan Sentra

Problem Description and Possible Solution

The catalytic converter closest to the cylinder head can fail causing illumination of the Check Engine Light. Prompt repair of this problem is recommended because the catalyst material can be sucked into the engine and cause internal damage.

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Nissan Sentra Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 127,495 (59,645–215,089)
Exhaust & Emissions affected: 2.5L 4 Cylinder
12 model years affected: 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, more2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011
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Took my vehicle in for service. I had the coolant line flushed and fuel line flushed and diagnostic code check. The service engine soon light was on when I took it in and then the mechanic reset it. He told me the diagnostic code was a result of the catalytic converter going bad. Well, the light just came back on.
Check engine light came on and my mechanic reset the codes and advised me to pump premium gas for the new few fills. Did so and the check engine light stayed off for 6 months. Now its back and he is advising me about a bad cat and that I need to replace it for $850. He reset the codes and advised me to replace it the next time the check engine light comes on.
Had a fuel system cleaning done which set the check engine light off. Turned out to be the front catalytic converter for precisely the reason stated. Fixed through replacement.
Check Engine Light Code P420. Mechanic indicates to replace the catalytic converter first. Decision pending.
I am about to go on a 2,000 mile road trip and this is come on. I passed emissions today but gave the the Catalytic Converter error message. I am getting checked out tomorrow by the dealership and I hope I do not have to replace anything.
Intermittent check engine light. Dealer and alt repair shop advised bad cat. Took to a third shop for full breakdown of exhaust system and found cat split at the welds. Mechanic quote, "Robot did not have its coffee that day". Replaced at cost of 983.00. Core sent back to Nissan or would be charged another 140.00.
Check engine light, Due to Failure of Catalytic Converter to Cylinder Head. Cause to miss fire.
3rd cylinder bad. Had to have entire engine replaced. Nissan refused any help because it was out if warranty at 60,000.
The engine service soon light went on 3 days ago so I took my car to the dealer so they told me the catalytic must be replace.
I was told that the CO2 sensor is either broken or just malfunctioning, but my service engine soon light keeps coming on and off.
The car, a 2005 Sentra SER Spec V with a manual transmission, developed an exhaust rattle at deceleration as if sand were shaken in a tin can (A.K.A. The Death Rattle). The car went from absolutely no oil consumption to one quart every thousand miles. Removed the manifold and found the catalytic disc inside had disintegrated. Gutted the catalytic convertor, vacuumed sand from the head pipe and reassembled. The car still consumes oil and has a Service Engine Light sensing a faulty Pre-Cat. I had assumed this was not an issue with this car because Nissan claimed it had corrected the faulty cat which plagued the earlier models. This car had the reprogrammed ECU recall done at 50,000 miles by the dealer years ago, but I suspect damage to the catalytic convertor had already done and took 60,000 miles to manifest. Given that this engine is in many models, I believe the cars with manual transmissions (Spec-V option), are more prone to this issue because of increased exhaust backpressure upon deceleration than an automatic transmission car which would typically shift to a higher gear at deceleration.
Took it in to be smog. Check engine came on. Tech said will need a new CC. Will go to DMV tomorrow and pay reg. will find out from my mechanic in the next few months the cost. looks like I best expect to pay around $900.00 from all the posts.
Check engine light came on while driving--took to dealership and was told the catalytic converter needed replaced for around $950