Check Engine Light Due to Failed MAF Sensor on Volvo S60

Problem Description and Possible Solution

The MAF sensors are prone to failing and turning on the Check Engine Light.

Problem Data
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Average mileage: 90,319 (5,461–148,000)
7 model years affected: 2001, 2002, 2006, 2007, more2008, 2009, 2015
30 people reported this problem
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Check engine light came on 4 months ago followed by "stalling/jumping" symptoms", diagnosed as MAF Sensor, we bought a new one and replaced it. Weeks later, same thing. Took to dealership again, they said the engine/computer should have been reset after putting in MAFS, reset it. A few weeks later, same thing, Volvo said it was a bad MAF Sensor again. Bought a new one through Volvo, replaced, and now check engine light on again after one week and same symptoms occurring.
I had the check engine light come on 3 times in 10 months since I leased the car, and had to go to the dealership to get it fixed. It's a brand new Volvo S60 2015.5, so I expect the car to be on top form. I called Volvo Corporate Office and they were not able to assist on this issue, and could only apologize for the situation. Reading all the other comments on this matter, it seems to me that this is an on-going problem with the car. I wonder what is Volvo, as a company, doing to resolve this issue, how can I feel safe on the road in a car with a faulty check engine light indicator, and can I trust Volvo's claim of "making people’s lives easier, safer, better"?
Hard to start and very rough idle until rolling about 10 MPH. Prone to stalling. Trouble code for MAF and fuel balance right bank (didn't know I had a right bank!). Replaced MAF and had code cleared. No problems for 24 hours. Same symptoms and MAF code reappeared. Replaced MAF again (warranty). Less than 24 hours and ten miles later, same issue, same code. Help!!!

FIXED: After the third MAF, I found a good Volvo mechanic (not at the dealership). It was a combination of a dirty throttle body and a cracked vacuum line. $395 (not including the MAF which was actually good)later it runs like a charm. 10,000 miles, no problem. Two other independent Volvo mechanics also said it was probably a dirty/bad throttle body and/or vacuum, not the MAF.
Just had a tech check out why my "check engine light" came on, he said it was a faulty MAF (Mass Air Flow Sensor). Had it replaced for around $300 bucks for an OEM Volvo Sensor.
Car started to be very noisy when passing over bumps or minor imperfections in the road. Initially I assumed this to be tire related. When tires were subsequently replaced the problem continued.
I was on vacation in Fort Lauderdale Fl, from Georgia. Check engine light came on and the local WESTON Volvo dealer told me it would be 3 days before they could check it out. I called my Volvo dealer in Alpharetta Ga and they walked me through several possibilities on the phone . Once I returned to Georgia it was learned the software had to be updated because of false readings!
I buy maf in AutoZone and the car work well for a few days and now I have a same problem with maf im ready plug out and car work fine but when plug in cart stopped when I on my way
A check service engine light came on. I took it to the Volvo dealer and they scanned and said it was the mass air flow sensor. So 700$ later and two days it came back on. I had it scanned at a friends garage as it started running rough and it came back as the mass airflow sensor again!! It goes back to the dealer tomorrow