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Q: Check engine error code of P200a. Can't find a good explanation. on 2011 Hyundai Santa Fe

I'm not having a problem; it just came on but I'm anxious. Code states 'intake manifold runner performance (bank 1)). Can't find an explanation. Also, when we bought it (a year old) the horn didn't work and the low tire light comes on even when I have it at the correct psi. I checked the fuse and relay for the horn and they seem to be good when swapping out with others of same amps etc. HELP!!!!
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Engine Control

P200A Intake Manifold Runner Performance (Bank 1) - General Information

Component Location

General Description

Variable Charge Motion Actuator (VCMA) is used for an adjustment of automotive flap and it is operated with two position, open and close. It makes swirl among intake air to reduce emission under cold start condition. This is worm gear driver type which doesn't guarantee restoring to limp home position in the case of loss of current supply. (This doesn't have mechanical return force due to no return spring.)

DTC Description

If PCM detects that the opened or closed stop position is out of the specified value, It sets P200A.
I have the same problem with my 2010 Santa Fe V6. Engine light and P200A code. Is it safe to drive without doing anything? I have to make a 500 mile drive this weekend.
Hello, I have a 2015 Hyundai Sonata with apx 11,000 miles. Apx 6 weeks ago 10,000 miles the vehicle would not go at full throttle 4500RPM. Explained to dealer they said not to drive Eco, Sport, Reg for long periods of time.. HAAA???? On 101 Fwy L.A. vehicle going 65-70MPH Big Rig in back vehicle would not go.. full throttle, RPM 4500-5000 my exit was next strolled off. NO WARNING LIGHT ON!! Was told Intake manifold was bad. Now told P200A, VCM Motor replaced. Never ever will I buy a Hyundai, first, last. Be very careful. They are aware of the problem. Please report to the National Transit Dpt. This is a serious problem & a very high risk issue.
We've had the same issue with my husband's 2015 Sonata. It's been to the dealer 4 times now and we are now filing a Lemon Law complaint.
I have a 2015 Sonata Limited w/2.4L engine with 21,600 miles on it. The other day on the highway the same issue happened. I was going about 65 MPH and stepped on the gas to pass someone and the car lost power momentarily. I finished my commute to work and when I went to lunch the engine light was on. I am at the dealership now and they said the problem is the VCM motor which they are replacing under warranty. We'll see if the problem arises again.
I have a 2011 Hyundai Santa Fe that needs the same part and I am being told that my 7year Emissions Warranty does not cover this. If you do not mind me asking where do you live? I live in Pennsylvania and am trying to find others with issues like mine to support my case.
Same issue here in PA with a 2015 Sonata. Been to the dealer (one hour each way) a few times and still have the issue. They now say they need to order a part. There is no power to pass, or even get up a steep hill. This is dangerous and they told me I can drive it this way!!
I also have a 2015 Sonata. I had the same issue in May 2016. I lost acceleration on an Interstate highway and put my hazard lights on until I could get off at the next exit. It had been to the dealer's two days earlier and a recall matter was performed and was supposed to fix the problem. I was told an update was performed. When I lost power again, which was very scary, I specifically asked them to check with corporate to see if others were having the same problem. My service receipt states: "Installed 28323-2GGA1: Motor Assy-VCM. Replaced VCM Actuator."

I have not had a problem since this was done. It was all covered under warranty. Good Luck!
I have the same issue for my 2012 Elantra. Does anyone know how easy this is to replace? Is it a simple disconnect battery, remove, and replace procedure? My dealer quote over $530 for installation.
UPDATE: No warranty coverage on mine -- it's only a 5 yr warranty (I'm 5 years and 6 months). Dealership said the VCMA kit (code P200a) is on back order and quoted me $487 but a 6 week wait (or more). Went to local NTB and they got the part in 3 days for $305 total. Installed last week -- big difference in acceleration. Definitely replace if you get this code.
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