Check coolant level on Cadillac DeVille

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My check coolant level keeps coming on. Coolant level has ben checked often but it is ok. Car isnt leaking coolant.

my Check coolant level light comes on the car is not leaking antifreeze nor is it low on antifreeze. I did replace the reservoir (Used one from the junk yard off a 03 deville). it worked good for about 3 weeks. I was told to get a rubber hammer and tap it a few times because the sensor on the inside sticks. how can I fix this problem

Car runs hot and the check coolant level message pops up but car has coolant, brand new radiator, and doesn't leak.

Car keeps telling me to check coolant level. But coolant is at level. New Water pump, new thermostat, but car overheats after about 10min of driving

Check coolant like comes on but the level is fine. I think it's all electric or sensors that is the issue. My gas gauge doesn't work either. My check airbag light comes on... all sorts of weird electric issues.

check coolant warning continually comes on. level is fine

Just started last week. This warning has always lit up if I make a sudden stop, but then goes away. Last week it did not go away and now stays on all the time, even though the coolant level is fine.

check coolant level light is on but antifreeze is full. Should be a recall on this but guess it would cost too much money replacing a faulty part with another faulty part! Done with Cadillac...really! too many faulty parts and flawed designs that become out of pocket costs.

My check coolant level keeps coming on. Coolant level has been checked often but is ok. Car isn't leaking coolant.

Coolant light comes on but radiator is full.

I have a 03 Cadillac CTS where the check coolant light appears. But there is no leak and the level is appropriate. Should I do a flush and see if that helps?

Still not fixed; car has been over-heating for several weeks. Losing lots of anti-freeze. Even when full, the check coolant level message flashes.

check coolant level light stays on. Checked coolant level it was fine.

coolant tank sensor

car runs fine but every so often the check coolant comes on and it still has coolant. I refill every time but don't understand why it continues to do so.

I have the same problem with my 02 deville no fix yet

Check coolant level light stays on all the time even though coolant level is fine.

the coolant level is good but light comes on and stays every time i start it up. can reset on the dash and it goes out intil the next start up

I bought the car last month and noticed it was low on coolant refill the reservoir with cooolant reset the computer and the light stayed on.

Coolant level warning light stays on.