check charging system on Mercury Sable

Problem Data
Average mileage: 81,500 (53,000–110,000)
2 model years affected: 2004, 2008
5 people reported this problem
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Randomly while driving I will get an alarm signal followed by all of the dashboard alarm lights lighting up simultaneously, while the speedometer and tachometer cease to function. In the message area it states "Check Charging System." Everything else electrical works, the lights, radio, fan, etc. The car continues to drive fine while this is happening. If I turn the car off while the alarm lights are on, the car will then not start until it sits for a few minutes. If I continue to drive normally while the alarm lights are on, they will eventually turn off on their own. I have a brand new battery in the car. Last summer I took the car in to have it checked out and they couldn't see anything wrong on the computer and couldn't get it to fail but put in a new alternator. No sooner did I drive out of the parking lot of the car repair center than the exact same thing happened. I gave up and had them put the old alternator back in. I had no further problems during winter, from September through June it did not happen. All of a sudden 2 weeks ago it started happening again, becoming more frequent until this morning when my car would not start. I turned off everything electrical and waited a few minutes and the car finally started. I pulled out of the driveway and all of the alarms came on again and stayed on for 10 minutes while driving. They went off for a minute and then back on for another 4 minutes. Of course as soon as I got near a repair station the alarms went off. Left my car there (this is a Ford dealership now) and again they cannot see anything wrong on the computer and cannot get it to fail. I cannot believe that there is no other car with this problem and no one can figure out what this is.
I have a 2008 Sable i got a message check charging system
i had the battery checked ok the alternator was showing 13.2