CD Player not working on Ford Fusion

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My battery died and after it was jumped my cd player stopped working. I had the battery replaced with a new one and the cd player never restored. The radio and MP3 player work fine. I have cds that are stuck in the 6-disc changer and unable to get them out. Any suggestions?

The cd player wont load play or eject cd's.Holds 6 at a time . I have 5 cd's stuck in it and it wont play or eject them or load one into the empty slot. It says load error when trying to load and mms o disk when I try to play the others.

6 Disc Changer Runs ALL the time even when vehicle off, you can hear the discs shuffling. CD Error pops up if try to Eject, Drained my Battery and not sure how to fix this without going to dealer and paying $100's

I had to replace my battery and ever since, my CD player is not working .. any suggestions

Load Error -- CD player won't eject, load, play or do anything, or "give me back" the 5CDs that are stuck in player. Ford Dealer says whole unit needs replaced at cost of $700, incl tax, labor -- $425 for stereo unit. Very disappointed since my parents bought this car new and I've only had and used the CD player for past year. CD player was never used before. I"m naturally not very happy.

2006 Ford Fusion 110,000 mi,
Radio light and cd player doesnt work

I just inserted 3 CDs into my stereo and 1 cd was already in it. It says "reading disk" for a solid minuet before saying "cd error" I got the cd from the 4th slot out but every time I would go to take a cd out it would say "eject error" and with loading a cd it would say "load error". Now it shows that I have no CDs in when in reality I still have 3 inside. It won't eject or load. And when I unlock my car I can hear the disc changer moving but nothing happens

we had to replace our battery and ever since then the cd player has stopped working. we have cds in there and it makes a horrible noise when the car is turned on and even throughout the drive sometimes. We don't turn on the cd player we alaways have the radio on, but it makes the noise regardless.

Battery died and CD player stopped working. I have the solution! You pull up on the bottom of the radio shroud. Unscrew the top controls where the hazard lights are. Then with a 7mm socket remove the bolts holding the radio unit in place. Disconnect the wire harnesses. Unscrew the lid of the radio unit. Peer down and you'll find a metal rod tilted, this rod is jammed with a CD under it and is unable to move because the CD is pulled out the rod cannot move down. Use an object like a small screwdriver and force the CD back. Plug the wire harnesses back in to test it out. I'd suggest you tilt it upward while it is resting on the shifter. You should be able to remove the CD's, try this several times. When you are satisfied put the lid back on the radio unit and reinstall. I hope this helps a lot of people.

2007 Ford Fusion 241,000 mi,
cd display screen does not light up

2006 Ford Fusion 176,000 mi,
6 disc player stopped working and is running even when the car is turned off and shows cd error and eject error

disc will not load

6 CD player quit working. Won't load, play or eject CD's. Can hear it shuffling every time I get in car. Guess I need a new radio.

replaced battery and CD player quit working

My CD player has not worked now for at least a year.

2006 Ford Fusion 100,000 mi,
CD player stopped playing. Unsure why

I had a jump start. After this I heard funny chirrping noises and sounds like the cd player nwas looking for a cd. It said load error when I pressed the buttons for cd. Went to Auto Zone for a diagnostic readout check. It said p605 which indicated fault with internal control module. This is the only problem except the engine light id now staying on more. It has not been fixed.

The display on the radio began to malfunction, then, the car battery would lose its charge after sitting in my driveway overnight, The problem continued even after replacing the battery. I finally took the vehicle to a mechanic who diagnosed the issue. Apparently, the audio system draws almost 3 amps of power even when the unit is off and the vehicle is not running. My workaround is unlatching the audit system face-plate, removing the screens that hold the audio system and unplugging the cord the supplies power to the unit (the large connector).

I found 3 pennies in my CD player removed them and now CD player won't accept CDs. I have a 6 changer and it says load in slot but when you hit a number it goes back to radio.

2007 Ford Fusion 110,000 mi,
Had rear brakes and rotors done twice in less than 3 months. Working on 3rd repair. Can't afford to keep fixing the same problem over and over again.. Thinking about trading this car in. Think ford should be held accountable for this problem.