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Cars passanger floor gets very wet when raining or going through the car wash. on BMW 540i

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I had this problem. The floor gets wet when it rains. This is caused by the sticky butyl rubber rope caulking no longer sealing the foam vapor barrier to the inside of the metal door cutout. The interior design of the door is rather poor in that water leaking into to door cavity at the window seals travels down the vapor barrier and this caulk is the only thing preventing it from leaking onto the carpet. Over time the caulk becomes unsealed, especially if anyone has ever opened up the door to replace the window regulator (and lets face it, almost every BMW e39 has had multiple regulators replaced).

The solution is to remove the door panel, remove the old sealant, and reseal the foam vapor barrier with new sealant such as 3M window weld butyl rubber window sealant, being careful to press it into the lip of the door cutout to shed water into the bottom of the door so it can leak out the weep holes rather than into the car. In some cases the foam door panel must also be replaced if it is torn up. Not that hard but somewhat of a pain.
Same problem with wet rear right passenger floor damp after rain. Do anyone no how to fix this problem. It may be a recall.
well its my front floor that gets wet,im wondering if there is a rubber plug underneith that may be missing,, only had this 540 for a couple of months,and its been toooo cold to get out to get to know the car...
I have the same issue on my 540. It's due to the vapor barrier inside the door coming unsealed. All you have to do is take off the door panel and re-seal it.
When driving in the rain or going threough the car wash the rear interior floor gets very wet and water acumulates on the floor.
It seems the drainage system from the sides and or sunroof is not working or is clogged.
Is it a big job to fix ?
Thank you,