Q: Car turns over but won't start. Check engine light on and an arrow that flashes on 2003 Volvo V40

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I have been driving my car back and forth between Bend and Springfield every weekend for about 6 months. When arriving back in Bend this last Sunday, I tried to get the car up the driveway after a heavy snowfall. I tried three seperate times letting the car rock back and forth to try to get past the slick spot. The third time my check engine light came on and an arrow light blinks. Now, I can turn the car over and it acts like its going to start but will lurch (for lack of a better word) and then die. What have I done? Can it be fixed? Will it be expensive?
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Really need to have the car properly inspected. I don't think that you did anything wrong trying to get past a slick spot on the driveway and, spinning your wheels should not really hurt your Volvo. Remember, Volvos are made to be driven in Sweden where winter is a very serious issue.