Q: Car Stalls When Put Into Reverse on 1995 Honda Civic del Sol

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My 95 Honda Del Sol is currently stalling immediately after putting it into reverse. It starts fine. What could be causing this? I recently had a new timing belt and leaking head gasket put in. It was running great up until the stalling issue.I have 191,000 miles on it.
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Why would you put a leaking head gasket put in! lol im messin with ya. It only stalls in reverse? does it drive forward? If the tranny is not makeing any noise it sounds like your shift linkage might be moveing 2 shift forks at once which will lock the tranny up and stall the motor. Is it automatic or standard, put some more info up and i will get back to you with a better answer.
Ha, ha..."anonymous"! Luckily, it was a minor repair-the map sensor went. The part only cost me $15 but the tow was $100! Knock on wood, I haven't had any issues since this incident last summer! After being garaged for the winter, it still runs great (Dan, I know, it should for the work I had done, right?!) I love this car..even more so than my '08 Accord EX-L!
By all means, take it back to the shop that did the work. Your car should run 'like a top' after this much work was completed.
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