Q: Car engine turns off when I punch it to down shift the transmission. Mazda 6S V6 on 2003 Mazda Mazda6

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At cruising speed of about 60MPH, when I suddenly accelerate (punch it, to down shift the auto-trans) the engine will suddenly turn off and all my instrument panel indicators would light up like a Christmas tree. When this happens I shift to neutral, turn off the ignition and restart the engine and it all starts working properly again. I wonder if I have some kind of electrical problem where the sudden jolt of the engine is knocking something loose.
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Do you have any check engine codes? Does this electrical issue happen at any other time or do your headlights dim somewhat when you apply the brake pedal at night?
I never checked the engine code, but I will the next time it happens. Only happens the way I stated. I don't know about the headlight diming when braking. Something I'll also check the next time it happens.