Q: blower resistor on 2002 Mercury Grand Marquis

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where is the blower motor resistor located?
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The blower resistor is in the rear passenger side of the engine compartment near the air conditioning dryer. 4 wires on the resistor, black, light green/white, orange/black, yellow/red.
Thanks, that was very helpful. Good man. Now, is there a web site that shows you the picture and visual location of the part(s) to simplify the search.
I don't have the exact info you need, but in general, the resistor is mounted to the heater assembly near the blower motor. If you have the part, look around the blower motor area, underneath and behind the glove box area and you should see it.
lift up the hood and look for the blower motor and just to the right of it and down below the 2 heater hoses you will find the resistor ,just remove the 2 small screws and pull it out and take of the wires and plug the new one in.Should take about 15 mins.too.