Ford Explorer Sport Trac Problems

Wheel bearing faliure on Ford Explorer Sport Trac

Problem Description and Possible Solution

Replace the worn wheel bearings.

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Ford Explorer Sport Trac Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 118,400 (42,500–250,000)
9 model years affected: 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, more2005, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
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Heavy noise in front end. I change the wheel bearings and resolved the problem for a few days. The noise is back again. Also something is eating the front tires from the inside. The balls joint and the shocks are good. The alingment according to the mechanic is good. So I don't know what probable cause for this. -- This is a dangerous issue with Ford Explorers from this model year. I just paid $800.00 to repair my right front wheel bearing at Koucourek Ford in Wausau, WI. I paid around $600.00 to repair the left front in July at the Firestone dealer near Jolliet, Il. After paying $800.00 I was informed the front left side has failed again. After further research, I discovered this is a common issue, continuous failure is the norm, it is a dangerous flaw, and Ford should recall these models.
Wheel bearing failure. I have replaced them all. Just replaced front laft bearing and hub. Bearing went bad in 300 miles. Put a new assembly on today. Hah! It started to roar on my test drive. What is going on,?. I've been working on my own trucks for 20 years. Never had bearing go out like this. Ford needs to fix this problem. I'm at a loss for how to stop this endless cycle.
I have been to the repair shop seven times in less than a year, to have one or both rear wheel bearings replaced as well as a rear axle. The wheel bearings seem to last about a month at a time. And I was told each time, that if I had driven the explorer any longer, a wheel would have come off, while I was driving. Not only has this become an expensive routine repair on my vehicle,I have accepted the fact that eventually, a wheel will come off while I am driving and something tragic will result from it. I refuse to sell the vehicle as I am quite certain, I could be putting someone else's life in danger. If Ford choses not to recall this dangerous issue, I suspect that eventually, lawsuits against Ford will arrise, due to someone's unfortunate outcome.
Replaced both rare and 1 front wheel bearing recently. Now getting the noise from the one front one that has not been replaced. Ford should definitely recall and fix this.
I had to replace the front wheel bearings at 61,000 miles. Now, just 31,000 later, have to replace them again. Ford needs to address this issue.
between 115000 and 125000 miles I have replaced the left front, right front, and now the right rear wheel bearing assemblies.
Ford should recall or reimburse the owners of sport trac vehicles.
I had to replace both front wheel bearings at a cost of approx 1200.00. Ford should pay. I am a retired Ford dealer.
I have replaced the brakes,rotors,and hubs yearly for the past three years!! It is a JOKE. I feel it is time for Ford to check into a recall on this item. It is unsafe people could get hurt.If I didn't check mine with every wheel rotation it could be bad. I was just told again today the whole right side is bad again. I am sick of replacing these parts...... ;^(
After having a temporary repair made to my electrical system--supposed to have fixed the problem--I became aware of a "road" noise that hadn't shown up previously. After taking back to dealership, service manager did not hear it. Progressively the noise became louder and louder, so took to independent mechanic. He rode with me for one block and diagnosed the noise as a wheel bearing problem. I am not sure what the manager at the dealership's problem was. I am not a mechanic, and I knew there was something wrong. After replacing the bearing assembly, my Sports Trac is quiet again. Now, if I can only get the dealership to actually fix my electrical problems which have been going on since 2009.
Last summer year had to replace brake pads etc. This year had to install right front hub bearing assembly. Still feels rough. Probably others need replacing too.
brought to my mechanic to fix the ERG Valve and then found out my front wheel hub bearings were going out had them changed the first week of Nov '15, 3 weeks later they are going out again

they make a loud growling noise
had tires rotated and about two weeks later was hearing what i thought was road noise in the front. had tires rerotated back, still had the noise. Next day mechanic said it was both front end wheel bearings that needed to be replaced. Appt in the am. Hope that fixes it, after reading all the others I am not so sure. ford should recall or pay.
Had grinding noise when on surface streets and when turning left.
I could feel the vibration in the gas pedal and steering wheel.
The grinding came and went when the vehicle swayed.
I replaced the front brakes...still there.
Wheel bearing?
Took it to Boucher Ford in West Bend.
They stated the front left wheel bearing was bad and replaced it. $760.00
The noise was still there and the mechanic heard it too.
Returned the next day....
Back on the rack...rotate the tires.
Noise still there.
Maybe it's the alignment....alignment good.
Their suggestion...change all 4 tires, both front rotors, and brake shoes.
They would NOT give me a cent back after NOT finding or fixing the problem.
They offered me a 10% off coupon for future repairs. Terrible!