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Q: Back doors of my car holds water when it rains. on 2005 Ford Five Hundred

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My back doors on both side fills up with water when it rains. The water set up in the door. I am afraid that it will rust or the windows will not go down later.
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I had the same problem with my 2006 Ford Five Hundred. After reading the posts listed here, I examined my car to follow the tips other readers had suggested. Luckily as I was searching for the clogged slots, I gently gave a little pull on the very bottom rubber seal and water came gushing out. I didn't have to unclog anything. My question is how is the water getting in the door panel in the first place? Do other cars have this issue too?? Thanks for the tips everyone! My problem is solved - for the time being. :)
all cars get water in the door. on the ford five hundred there are two place where the water comes out on its own. but thay are cover by the rubber on the door. now if you take a raza and cut a small openning where the openning is on the door, you will never have this happen again
normally on the bottom of the door there are small ports rectangle or square just around the fold at the bottom of the door on the inside.They will look like slots they are supose to let the water out and they may be clogged use a tooth pic or a small nail to unclog them
i have the same problem.... you physically have to lift up the rubber fold at the bottom of the door to let out the 5 gals of water!
Take a drill bit and drill 2 small holes in each end of the door frame.. Yes it may rust if you intend to keep the car 10 years..
I have the exact same problem - but only on rear driver side - lift the flap and the water runs out - should'nt Ford have a fix
Does anyone understand that when you purchase a car they come with a warranty, the Ford 500's are 3 years or 36k miles. You knew that when you signed the paper work! So if YOU declined an extended warranty, then NO Ford should not fix your 5 year old car for free!!!!!
Bought the $2000 extended warranty. Ford says it does not cover leaks, and now wants $60.00 for a diagnostic charge. Well I had it diagnosed when I brought it in, the back doors are holding water!!!!
My car does the same. I am sure Ford is aware of this and there should be a recall, but they are not doing anything about it.
HELP! my car just started this water in the door problem too!! Guess What!!! I live In Seattle!!! The Dealer said it will cost $159 to diagnose. Don't they know about this problem? If I can do research & get info, why can't they? I'm in big trouble. Not sure who to take my car to.
I have had the same problem, brought to the dealer showed them & have pics of water POURING OUT, have to hold up the rubber seal which I took pics of that too. I called Ford Motor and now reading these posts; Ford Motor should do a recall cause obviously this is not an isolated case.. Seattle to Tennessee is no demographic error..... national recall should be done.!!
Recalls are for Safety issues. Non-safety issues are Technical Bulletins that dealers get to repair or fix a problem. For many years this problem has been an issue on many manufactured cars.

With water in doors, the port or weep holes in the bottom of the doors can be clogged from dirt, small tree leaves and other small things that can get inside the doors that cause clogged to occur. Also, if the doors were rustproofed, this product can cause clogging of the weep holes. Taking a small screw driver, tooth pick or similar items to move back and forth to clear them. You can run water along the outside window belt moulding (top of the outer door panel/bootom of the glass) to help wash out the weep holes while using the above mentioned tools of the trade :-), this naturally is a two person job, one running water and the other clearing out the weep holes.
I too have just began to enjoy the symphony of water sloshing around in my door. A problem that is a design flaw, as this problem clearly is, SHOULD be subject to a recall. And no, a recall is not just for a safety issue. That is called a "safety recall." Car manufacturers like to get cute with calling recalls "campaigns" and other euphemisms to avoid the stigma that is associated with a product design defect. Any gasket that by design blocks drain holes is a DEFECTIVE design. Some people on forums seem to be apologists for manufacturers. I wonder if they work for them!?
This problem will inevitably result in at least some of the affected doors rusting out - galvanizing does not protect long for continuous water exposure. And the window motors as well. Will Ford own up to it? Of course not. But the above recommendation to cut the gasket to expose the drain holes is reasonable and the only logical permanent fix.
HELP! my 2007 Ford Five Hundred just started this water in the door problem too!! Guess What!!! I live In Seattle!!! Can you imagine what I'm going thru? The Dealer said it will cost $159 to diagnose. Don't they know about this problem? If I can do research & get info from others with the same problem, why can't they? I'm in big trouble. Not sure who to take my car to.

I have a same problem with my 06 500. First I thought my son left the half empty water bottle in the cup holder causing the sound. Today I try to look for the source and found that some how the water get in the door panel. I live in portland oregon and its rain 6months out of a year. I google this problem and found this forum, I also found out that ford recall the 05 model for this problem but not 06 or 07. 500 2005 does the same thing..right rear passenger...BUT now has developed a short and no power windows, radio,moon roof, remote, courtesy lights...changing fuse only last seconds before the short cuts it out..
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