Q: auxilary cooling fan not working, also blend door malfunction on 1997 Chevrolet Suburban 2500

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just got a couple of weeks ago . i really did not check fan , but a/c blew cold not when i start it the air is coming out of heater ducts then shits to vents. changed electric fan. was froze up but only had power on one side of fuse then changed relay got power no fan still, looked at a wiring schematic has ties with recirculating blend door. i think thats it the problem but not 100%
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First you need to repair the blend door malfunction. Best way to check its operation is to use a data streaming scan tool and see if the door is moving properly, then worry abut the aux blower motor.
Have a good shop with a Climate Control capable scanner inspect your system
thanks for the answer, thats what i was thinking of doing, but this is new ground for me to cover , i'm a collision tech. i have access to a tech 2 , i work at a big dealership but dont really have 85.00/hr to spend on a missed diagnosis, i own a snap on solus scanner , i'm going to see if it works, it's a bi-directional scanner.but mostly use it for abs and air bag codes