2005 Audi A6 Quattro Questions

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no tail lights no turn signal
an audi 2005 a6 quattro tail and turn signal driver side working and not working
While driving my car for 30 mins only had 4 days 05 AudiA6 car stop while driving Will Turn on and crank will not move engine
Hi guys maybe somebody will know why my car will not start. Everything was working fine until 3 days ago i came home after 2 hrs i wanted to go somewhere and the car wouldnt start i tryed to jump start, got new battery nothing helps when i plug in the obd computer there is no codes everything else is working fine it just wont crank. Any ideas?
my car seems to have been in park break park mode when I press the button to release brake it malfunction now I gt the car to move but the p with a line over it is on the dash board
I have a 2005 audi a6 3.2, the steering wheel was locked due to transponder issue and had to be towed to dealer. After spending $2000 for the steering wheel column, I am wondering whether this will happen again or not. Has audi realized the problem and made improvements. I don't want to spend another $2000.
both lights on solidly. rough ride. concerned to drive distance into city. country outside of Sacramento.
Found out the a6 was on recall for defect in sun roof design clogging up n water collection g below windshield under hood n running back inside the cab under the carpet flooding without you knowing. Car still only cranks over n won't start
I have a 2005 AUDI A6 QUATRUM car that when you start it the Red Parking brake with a line through it and then is followed by a yellow sign lights up on the dash panel and makes a loud beep once or twice. Can you please help me. Thank You. Donnie
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