Q: another issue on 1996 GMC Suburban 2500

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This truck has yet another issue... I am at my wits end !! The service engine light just came back on and I had it checked on a diagnostic machine which told me I have " Random Cylinder Misfire " What is the main cause of that problem? I know it can be as simple as a bad plug or wire, or something as serious as a fuel injector, but how do I find out for sure?"
(2) Answers
Someone will need to inspect your engine and determine the cause of the misfire. As you know, there are many thinks which can cause and engine to misfire. One option is to road test your Suburban with a scan tool which will read misfires connected. When you feel the misfire you should be able to see what cylinder is causing the fault. Knowing which cylinder will make finding the problem much simpler.
I bought my 1999 454 chevy Suburban new. The check engine comes on every time I tow or go over 4,200 RPM for any exstended period. The dealer tried to fix this 36 times in the last 10 years. They changed injectors, modified the fuel map, ect. I added a MSD ignition. Nothing helps. I'm adding a supercharger, 488 gears, and headers. Hope this works.