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2005 Ford Escape 165,850 mi,
While driving on the highway, the ABS brake light came on. Then about a minute later the entire cluster panel went dead and no electrical power, but the engine was still running. Just like the other person, the car started missing and eventually died on a bridge that was under construction with no place to get out of traffic. And of course this was during rush hour traffic and with my Ford Escape blocking everything. Not fun!

2007 Ford Escape 125,000 mi,
Battery light came on intermittently then on solid. Charging a 12.1 volts

while driving the abs light came on then all of the dash went out. then the clock and radio then the car died.

while driving, ABS light came on, then dash lost power, then clock and radio. now the car wont start

Driving at night and within a few seconds first the lights kind of went dim then bright, next the radio goes off, then the dash goes out from left to right and the headlights go out. I am on a bridge going 50 mph with no lights and it is pitch dark with no shoulders at the end of the bridge on either side of the road it was very nerve racking. Lucky for me, a friendly driver comes along and lets me follow them to next rest stop at a snail pace cause I could only get max speed of about 10-15 mph. Ford Escape taught me another hard lesson in cheap unreliable mechanical garbage, if you get one of these keep the tow truck number handy and carry a flashlight and get you a safety reflector on the back. I have had two transmission put in this vehicle. My final conclusion for both Ford and Lincoln products that I have owned: too hi maintenance and very unreliable. I gave up on GM a long time ago and now no more Ford/Lincoln vehicles for me.

Started last night. Car seemed sluggish but I thought it was because it was cold, I parked, did my shopping came back to the car and started it but again sluggish made it half way home and I noticed the ABS light came on then off then on again. Radio and dash went dim then black and the car just died at the stop sign. Had a hard time putting it in neutral, seemed as though the gear was locked but eventually got it in neutral and with the help of my neighbor. He boosted my battery but that did not last, I made it down the block, same thing ABS light came on and the dash went black and it died again. Again, my neighbor boosted my ca and I was able to drive to the next and pull into the driveway and again for the third time the ABS light came on and dash went black and I could not even get enough power to close the window. Now its in the driveway and I cannot start it. I don't know what to do. I had the battery replaced Feb. 6, 2015 so it cannot be the battery. I will have to have it towed to a mechanic.

Poor alternator design, it is cold solder coil inside, causing intermittent not charging. Not the battery problem. even you buy a new alternator it won't last long. Open the cover re-solder it should work, but it won't last long too. at least you save some money.

2005 Ford Escape 122,582 mi,
Rainy day, of course....wipers started slowing down, radio turned off, a couple dash lights flickered....(by now I think I am crazy) The car just started going slower and slower, like it was losing power....finally dying as I pulled to the side of the road. Half a block from home. The initial diagnosis at the mechanic was the alternator. Their initial quote was $940. Yikes! I called around and finally found a brave soul to tackle it for about $500.
It sounds like the labor is what the issue is.
Other than a few things here and there, this is the first "real" trouble I have had with my escape. I can't say that I am happy about this problem, but I guess since it's 10 years old, I have to expect things to start happening.
Don't I?

Battery light has been intermittently coming on and off for approximately 2 years. I had it checked numerous times at the dealership, and they couldn't diagnose the issue. This morning, my dash lights ( ABS, airbag, and battery) all lit up, and as I parked my car at work the engine died. AAA came out to diagnose the problem and said I'm getting zero charge from the alternator. I had to get my car towed to the dealership, where it is awaiting a new alternator. Judging from others complaints and issues, this won't be the last electrical system repair.

2003 Ford Escape 166,000 mi,
Batter light comes on and off...must start car twice per day or won't start. Replace battery but battery light still on and off.

2005 Ford Escape 199,963 mi,
Was parked, daughter open back door all everything electrical went dead inside of car except battery light?? Still had headlamps and exteiror power only had less then a mile drive home drove it home turned off and surprise surprise wouldn't kick back over. Got my ohm meter out and read battery @ 9.6 volts. Next day went out to check it out and it fired right up and I had radio and everything??? Somehow the non running car recharged the battery, so while running I hurry up and got my multimeter on it. It started @ like 12.8 so I put on lights, radio blower motor etc.... Then watched the volts plummet down by like .3-.5 volts @ a time. I let it run til it got to about 8.6 volts!!! Have no idea how the Vehicle was still running @ such low voltage?? Now the task off getting to alternator and getting it out so I can test it properly. Etheir taken everything out of passengers wheel well or going another route I saw a guy on YouTube that took plenum and a few more things out and was able to pull it from left rear of engine compartment. Not looking forward to it @ all!!!

2005 Ford Escape 165,000 mi,
Alternator died while on the highway, taking the battery out with it. Unfortunately, this is a pretty expensive and difficult repair on the escape, at least the AWD V6 version. They told me the alternator sits right above the front axle, so it's not at all easy to get to. Total repair cost was around $550.

2002 Ford Escape 168,023 mi,
The 2002 Escape 3.0 v6 is on its third alternator I was told that it was the 300 watt cooling fans that were the problem but no one can tell me what Fan's to replace mine with any help would be great

From the beginning this car has had electrical problems. I have have to change batteries more frequently than normal and the alternator was changed twice. Those two changes of alternator happened after the car died on me on the road.

Other than that the car runs fine.

While stopped at a red light. Lights on dash started to flash and the windshield wipers slowed down. Then the car just died. Alternator went down - no warning

2005 Ford Escape 117,000 mi,
Just diagnosed by AAA that the alternator is gone. Headlights and engine are off but interior lights are on.

2004 Ford Escape 125,000 mi,
I have all the same issues that everyone else on this alternator, battery light wont shut off for long, no radio, dash lights inop or dim, abs light and o/d off lights flashing, dead battery issues. THE BIGGEST PROBLEM IS THAT NO ONE HAS A FIX FOR THIS PROBLEM NOT EVEN FORD.

2005 Ford Escape 133,000 mi,
Alternator went out at 133,000 and I also had to replace the transmission about 18 months ago.

the claxon doesn't work

Alternator went