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All Wheel Drive Vehicles May Develop a Groaning Type Noise From the Steering Rack on Infiniti M35

Problem Description and Possible Solution

All wheel drive vehicles may develop a groaning type noise from the steering rack when centering the steering wheel after turning right at slow speeds, most noticeable when driven from a cold start. Our technicians tell us a revised steering rack is available to correct this concern.

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Infiniti M35 Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 79,904 (25,000–136,000)
4 model years affected: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009
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My 2007 Infiniti M35X has a harsh groaning sound coming from the front end while driving. At first I thought it may be that the snow button was stuck in the on position but after checking things over it's not the issue. I need some help before I send this car to the shop and get violated.
When I make a right turn and come out of the turn I hear a groaning or rubbing sound coming from the right wheel well.
Groaning noise when coming back to center from a slow right hand turn. Dealer said nothing was wrong and said it was just from the new tires. I insisted it was doing this before the new tires were put on. They again said, nothing we can find. I informed them to call me when they find/fix the issue, becuase I would only pick it up then. I know there is something wrong. Cars do not make that noise for no apparent reason.
I have the same thing going on with my car it sounds loud when driving even the music do drown it out.. front the front end...
Rubbing sound heard from fron right wheel particularly when turning right also groan sound is heard when car is cold
2009 M35x. Same groaning noise when turning right esp when cold. Related: New Pirelli P7 all seasons helped but did not eliminate tramlining (constant steering correction and reacting to bumps/ridges in road surface).
5k ago dealer said to replace tires.
Appointment with dealer for groaning noise in 2 days. When I called and reported similar issues reported by others, his first comment was to marginalize feedback from the web. We'll see what he says. I had the PS flushed at 85K so he can't come back with that. car has in impeccable maintenance. Car now has 103k, but I'm not sure I want to sepnd approx $2k for a new rack that may/may not be a long-term solution. I'll se what the dealer says.
While making a tight turn to the right you will hear a groaning coming from the front of car and feel the vibration in the wheel. Especially when cold and worse in cold weather. Replace with upgraded steering rack $1785 plus $99 for alignment.
I too had heard a grinding type noise when turning the wheel to the right, especially when it was cold. Took it to the dealer, and asked them to check it. They did, and the service manager told me that the lead mechanic had checked on several forums and saw descriptions of the same problem. Apparently there also might be a service bulletin about the problem. Fortunately, I purchased an extended warranty and they replaced the rack and pinion system (I think that is the name) and that solved the problem.
Dealer replace steering rack and it helped for a short time but the grunting noise returned and apparently the dealer either can hear it or do not want to hear it.
Groaning noise when turning right heard as the steering center back straight. Dealer replaced the steering rack and it helped for a short time but the noise has returned. The dealer says they can never hear the noise when I leave the car with them.
same noise at low speed pissing me off! you dont think all the money these things cost and bam! it makes noise annoying the shit out of me!!! infiniti needs to do a fricken recall on this this is pathetic!!!!
Noisy steering at cold starts. Goes away but have read its common issue. Heard theres a revised rack but lost where it was said
Love my M35X but it does make that grinding noise when cold and mostly going to the right. Mechanic is currently looking it over but if it is just a noise I doubt I will replace the rack; especially since it sounds like a temporary fix.