Steering Rack And Pinion

By David Sturtz, April 15, 2008

The steering rack and pinion (or steering gear) responds to movements of the steering wheel and steers the wheels in the corresponding direction.

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Steering Rack And Pinion

  • Steering may get noisy or jerky and lose its ability to turn
  • Power steering fluid leak
  • Clunk when turning or going over bumps
  • Turn easily in one direction, but not the other

Steering Rack And Pinion Related Repair Advice

  • A four-wheel alignment should be performed after replacing the steering rack
  • The shop should flush the power steering system when replacing the power steering rack
  • Problems with the power steering control module (where applicable) can imitate problems with the steering rack. Be sure that the problem has been properly diagnosed before replacing an expensive steering rack.
  • In some cases, the inner tie rod ends cannot be serviced and, if worn, will require replacement of the steering rack

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