Yukon XL 1500

Rattling Noise From AC Belt Tensioner on GMC Yukon XL 1500

Problem Description and Possible Solution

A rattling noise may develop from the AC belt tensioner. This can be caused by an internal fault with the AC compressor, AC performance may also be diminished when this occurs. Our technicians tell us that replacing the ac compressor will commonly correct this concern.


Problem Data
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Average mileage: 178,583 (112,000–230,000)
4 model years affected: 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003
20 people reported this problem
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My A/C my tension pulley continued to vibrate at low speeds until it finally broke. I replaced it to only have it happen again. The root of the problem was the A/C compressor had sludge in it which caused it to put harmful strain on the tension pulley. I replaced the compressor, drier and orifice for under $350 (DYI. You can purchase a new kit online for about $225 (all items included. Be sure to replace the orifice and clean out the lines, so that no debris finds its way back to you new compressor. YouTube has a great series of videos on how to change your A/C compressor, drier and orifice. you can save yourself at least $700 by doing it yourself.

Also, have a shop evacuate your system of any coolant. I had my system evacuated and refilled for under $100 at a Valvoline Oil change facility (included in the $350). This is a common problem with this vehicle, although I can't complain, 195K is a lot of miles. I bought my Yukon new and have enjoyed every mile and wouldn't hesitate purchasing another one.
Ac rattling when RPMs are climbing from 1500 to 2000. Replaced tensioner twice, belt 3 times, and clutch 1 time. Looking to replace the compressor next.
I noticed this problem about two weeks ago, so my mechanic changed out my belts. But I still noticed the rattling at 1.5rpm's. WTH!!! The air still blows very cold, but that noise is soo annoying. Getting my compressor changed today. Hope it fixes it.
Rattling and squealing noise diagnosed by mechanic. Recommended a new A/C compressor. Has yet to be fixed.
When I turn on the ac I hear a rattling noise, as soon as I turn it off the noise stops, but the ac works great
Was having a terrible rattling noise coming from the engine. This was causing the truck to idle rough. When turning off the AC the idle smoothed out and no rattling. Went and had the clutch fan changed at a local garage and still having issues. Then went to a GM dealer and they said if it was continuous that the compressor on the AC would have to be replaced. They said the valves inside the compressor are bad. This would cost around $1000. Cooler weather is coming and haven't had it done yet, but plan too. I love my Yukon and plan on putting another 100,000 miles on her. Just need to save for the fix.
Not cooling. Rattling noise. Bad ildle surge when compressor comes on. Not fixed yet, waiting for mechanic to have time.