Drive Belt Tensioner

The drive belt tensioner and pulley keeps tension on the drive belt to prevent it from slipping, rubbing on engine components, or falling off.


Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Drive Belt Tensioner


  • Rattle, squeak, or chirp type noise from drive belt area
  • Drive belt will not stay on


Drive Belt Tensioner Related Repair Advice


  • The drive belt tensioner should always be inspected when the drive belt is replaced
  • The tensioner can use spring or hydraulic pressure to keep tension on the drive belt.
  • A drive belt tensioner is self adjusting and should keep proper tension on the drive belt under all operating conditions

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By , August 15, 2017
I have a chirpy/squeaky belt at 51k miles on my 1998. Inherited vehicle, garage kept, rarely driven until I received it. It's fairly annoying. It comes and goes, though. Lately I haven't heard it at all.

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