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I owned a 2008 Mazda5 minivan. I shipped it to the Philippines on March 2011 from Oakland,California. The vehicle took 390 days to clear customs. While in an outside storage in the customs premises, the van was exposed to rain, dust, and extreme warm weather conditions. I was able to start up the Van for about 6 times ( once every two months)during storage with the air conditioning on for about 30 min at a time. I did not see any AC problem. Now, when I cleared customs and drove the van home, I noticed that the AC don't seem to work at all. When the AC is on and the cooling te mp is set to 60 degrees far, no cold air comes out but warm air depending on the outside air temp. Until this date June 2, 2012, the AC remains inoperative. We have hot weather here in the country (80 -90s deg far)due to summer weather. I brought it to a local Mazda dealership service and was advised that since it is an imported vehicle, they have no diagnostic testing tool for this model. Mazda5 is not manufactured in this country only in the United States.I would appreciate very much if you can give me advice on how to fix this problem. Your answer will be shared to an AC mechanic here, so he will an idea on how to trouble shoot for the problem. I used to live in American Canyon, Ca 94503.THANK YOU.
2008 Mazda three put new AC compressor in it. Having problems putting refrigerant in it it will blow cold for a short time. Then it will blow warm. I put refrigerant in to the max on it and it just gets warmer. So I let a little Freon out in the compressor will pick on but just short spurts maybe five seconds the fan is constantly running I can manipulate it by unhooking the high-pressure switch but the compressor is not staying in gauge long enough.