Q: Actually 2003 2500HD, with 68000 miles - replacing water pump and thermostat on 2000 Chevrolet 2500 Pickup

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Truck is actually a 2003 with 68000 miles on it. Truck has never had a problem, never over heated. Started ticking, took truck in - needed an exhaust manifold gasket. The dealer calls back and says two bolts also need replacing and water pump and thermostat need replacing. Cost - a bit over 2 grand. Pretty depressing as original problem was just a 25 gasket and time (if you do it yourself). What is the average cost for these repairs?? I think I am being squeezed....
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it is easy to say .25 gasket. it is not. both jobs are labor intensive. if you dont believe them, get a second opinion. it is a bit high in price but then again, you are at a dealer who charges the most money all the time.