Q: A/C stops blowing after the car has been driven in hwy over 60 mph over 20 min. on 2003 Mitsubishi Montero Sport

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When the problem presents I turn off the A/C for a couple of minutes and then it starts to work fine again, also if I set the blower to the max. sometimes it helps.
It always feels like the engine of the car is really suffering when the A/C is on, it does not overheats or anything but it just feels like is "overworking" more than what the normal would be. Also it makes way more noise, I know this because this is the second Montero Sport I have and I know how is supposed to sound and feel when the A/C is running.
Another thing is that if the temperature outside is 80 or over it does not cools off if the car is park or going at a very low speed.
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your compressor could be starting to sease up, when a compressor locks up, it will put a heavy drain on your motor,, when you notice this drain, cycle your AC system OFF, if your motor seems to be better I would have your compressor checked by a qualified AC tech.. when was the last time your AC freon level was checked? also if you have had freon put in recently, did you have compressor oil put in as well? could be low on oil too..
It appears your AC system is low on freon gas. Low pressure of freon will cause the inside evaporator coils to freeze up solid with ice, takes about 20 mins to ice up. Thus no air blowing thru the coils, low air volume or none at all. When you turn off the AC the ice will melt and then it will allow air to pass through coils after a thaw. See your local AC shop to get a charge of freon gas or go to a local parts house and get a can or two of R134A about $9.99 - $12.00 ea. at Walmart. Always charge the system on the "low side" typically near or close to the firewall on the vehicle. Also, you can put the freon can in a small pail of water to get it to empty out while charging. I think this model has a site glass near the front condenser coil near the radiator. Charge the system right up to were there are no longer has bubbles appearing in the site glass. Use a garden hose to cool off the hot condenser to get a good charge. Note , always wear safety glasses, or you may get a bad burn from freon gas/liquid in the eyes. Be safe and be cool. ;)
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