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A/C not working properly.

(2005 Ford Freestyle)
in Virginia Beach, VA on June 03, 2010
The A/C in my 2005 Freestyle cools great when the car is moving. When it's just idling it does not cool. The mechanic thinks it's clogged fan. Has anyone else had a similar problem?
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on April 03, 2013
Our 2007 Freestyle has had the same issue. This is a vehicle-specific issue. There are several known issues with this family of vehicles & A/C systems. For our problem - no cold air at idle - the most common problem is a clogged SCROLL COMPRESSOR CONTROL VALVE. They can be purchased at 'techchoiceparts' for about $40. Labor/evacuation/recharging may run another $150-200, but definitely necessary. I think we may have waited a little too long, and may still have to replace the compressor. My Ford shop quoted $1300 to replace the compressor, claiming a leaking seal!

Here's the deal. The valve can be easily replaced. It is easily accessible from the outside back of the compressor itself. This valve allows the compressor to function as a variable compressor. A quick fix that may save you many hundreds, as well as a happy spouse!!!

Another common issue is a faulty blend door motor/actuator inside the vehicle. May cause hot or cold on one side or the other. Could also be due to a poor electrical connection.

For more info and fact-checking, you'll find some great info here:

Youtube video at:

The control valve can be purchased at:
on July 01, 2017
I tried this repair (through my local mechanic) and it worked! I showed him your message and the YT video. Thank you for posting this and saving folks HUNDREDS of dollars! The part was 42 dollars and the shop charged 90 for adiagnostic (included since this was indeed the problem despite a bad compressor reading), evacuation, installation, and recharging. THANK YOU!
on June 04, 2010
Cleaning out the front condenser area is very important and should be done every summer. Also, replacing the Climate Control Filter should be done every summer, because a plugged filter will stop cooling air flow. When was the last time you had your A/C system service, that should be done every 24 months in warm weather areas?
on June 04, 2010
I've only had this car for 2 years. I have never had the A/C serviced. The mechanic said the freon is good. He thinks it's a clogged "orifce." Is this the filter you're referring to?
on June 07, 2010
With the ac on, and running at idle, put water throught the grill on the condensor (front of radiator). Problem with these cars, and some other Ford cars is that the newer style uses an expansion valve instead of an oriface tube. It will stick open, and not allow low side expansion in evap core. But a bad compressor will give a similar gauge reading. Usually just change the xpansion valve 1st. But on the freestyle,you have to pull the intake to get to the xpansion valve on center of firewall. If lo side pressure still hi, then probably have to replace compressor.
on June 17, 2010
Thank you. I'll give that a try.
on June 22, 2010
You do not have to remove intake, just remove the upper cross brace, then there is plenty of room to reach behind from the drivers side. I replaced due to high low side pressure @ idle (70) , normal above 3000 rpm. It did not fix problem, looks like compressor issue
on August 31, 2014
i have had the same problem. had it checked out and first they thought compressor but jumped it across and it worked fine. told me it was electrical ...that i would have to take it to someone else for that. I think i will try the valve for 30. first to see if that works. Thanks for the imput.
on August 03, 2010
yes my wife has a freestyle to and it is doing the same thing to I think it is the compressor but but i have been reading up on this and there also a vavle on the back of the compressor that could cause this to
on August 03, 2010
I just read on another site that there is a scroll compressor control valve that can be replaced for like $30 from tech choice parts. They had the same issue and thats what im dealing with also. I know its not a filter because it didnt just gradually get that way. it seemed to happen pretty fast. I'm going to order the part and try that. You do have to evacuate the system though. Still lots cheaper than a compressor.
on September 14, 2010
I had the same probelms as above. Hot day, warm air from vents. Freeway driving, cooler, but not COLD air.

I had it into Ford and they said that the system was working fine........

I did a bunch of research and found some links to the problem.

I am placing this info here for those that were like me and trying to find the answer with no help from the professionals...

The AC compressor is a newer scroll type that uses a control valve located in the rear of the compressor. This valve fails to function properly and most people change the entire compressor and magically, they fix the problem when they could have only replaced the control valve for $30.00 like I did and get the same result!!!

I am not saying that this will work in every instance BUT, with less than 30K miles on my car, the chances of a bad compressor were very low.

Here is a link to the replacement part:

This valve is located on the back side of the compressor and can be changed without getting under the car... YOU MUST EVACUATE THE R-134A FIRST!!! If you remove the retaining plate with the system charged, it will blow all of the refrigerant out on you. I simply evacuated the system first and then replaced the valve. The valve comes as the brass piece with its seal. You must remove the retaining plate from the rear of the compressor which is held in with two bolts. I have included a link to a photo of the plate below:

So, here is the procedure:

1. Evacuate refrigerant
2. Remove two 10mm bolts on rear of compressor
3. Remove old control valve with spring
4. Move spring to new control valve
5. replace spring and control valve in compressor
6. Replace retaining plate with two bolts
7. Tighten bolts
8. re-charge system
9. cold air will come out of vents at idle.

I hope that this helps some people. I spent HOURS researching this problem and none of the "Experts" were of any help.

on May 23, 2013
I have a 2006 Ford Freestyle, air was cold on the highway, got warm sitting at a stoplight. I took it to the dealer to have the refrigerant charged up, didn't help, they wanted $1300 to replace the compressor. I took it to the top AAA rated shop in our city, they also said the same thing, replace compressor. I started reading up on this issue on the web, ordered the valve from Tech Choice as others have stated. Took it to a shop to have the system evacuated properly, the valve put in, and recharged properly. The system is running like a champ, just like it did when the car was new.
on June 26, 2015
I have a 2005 ford Freestyle as well. I did the $30 part last summer and it helped for a few weeks and then the problem returned. This summer I bit the bullet and replaced the condenser and it still shows no improvement. Any suggestions for a next step?
on June 22, 2015
On my 2005 Montego on a mild to warm day the AC blows cold air and is OK, but on a hot day the AC can't keep up. I took it to the dealer and the report was that the freon was good but that the compressor was bad. However, after reading about the many problems with this compressor and now about the scroll valve and or the expansion valve, any ideas as to what may be causing this?
on July 03, 2011
my 1998 ford f150 done the same thing i ended up replacing the compressor
what happens is when the system has to move a lot of heat from the inside compartment
the compressor has to move the heat (VAPOR) at the same rate.if it cant you will get the promblem
you've got.I recommend change the compressor(IF the low side can't reach 30 psi change compressor)
when youre vehicle is moving you're compressors rate of heat transfer is better.


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