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Ford Escape AC issues when driving uphill

Ford Escape Problem
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Model Years Affected: 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006

Average Mileage: 100,444 mi (65,000 mi - 173,000 mi)

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    AC cuts out when driving uphill. It seems like when I accelerate on the gas while the AC is on, the AC then stops blowing through the front vents and get rerouted to the dash vents next to the windsheild. Please assist.

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  • , , 100,000 mi

    vacuum line, small hard plastic black, runs thru firewall passenger side, breaks at firewall. Buy new line at auto store, squeeze sides of glove box and drop down and remove door for access, line at top of heater box, pull line and remove grommet with needle nose pliers. Shine light in engine compartment, from inside car look for light. I used bailing wire to fish thru firewall, from engine side insert two inches into line and tape together, pull thru and put grommet on line far enough to have working room. Wet grommet and push into seat, I used a paint stirrer to push grommet in. I also used small rubber vac hose, and put about five inches on line to protect it where it goes thru firewall.

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  • , , 88,000 mi

    My AC just began cutting out when I accelerate or go uphill about a month ago. I've had Chryslers do the same thing. I just put up with it. Didn't have it repaired yet. Personally, I won't fix it unless it stops cooling altogether.

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    Youve got a vaccum problem (which controls the vent doors)

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