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AC Blower Not Working Correctly Due to Failed Resistor on Chevrolet Colorado

Problem Description and Possible Solution

The heater - AC blower motor may stop working at one or more speeds due to a faulty blower motor resistor block.

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Chevrolet Colorado Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 89,771 (11,000–246,546)
8 model years affected: 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, more2008, 2009, 2010, 2012
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Blower motor goes off and on. Sometimes will not work at all then all of the sudden it will start working.
Blower motor has only worked on high #4 since I had 42000 miles on the truck. If I wiggle the warning harness under the glove box, 1 & 2 will work until I hit a bump or stop suddenly. I have a harness but am fearful of putting it in due to the passenger airbags!
I have replaced the Resistor pack 3 times. On the 2nd time I even did the wiring harness. Now it is out again, plus the Flashers, Aux ports, AC will not turn on, etc. Too many electrical problems to list.
Hey guys, my air blower quit working on all 4 switch settings. I located the ground wires which are located just left of the air filter plastic cover and attached to the passenger side bumper. Just take the air filter cover off and you can see the box shaped black ground wire attached by a bolt to the bumper. Un bolt the ground wire and clean the contacts try the blower and it should work!
I have had this problem 3 times since I bought the truck in 2004. The blower would quit working on all speeds except high
Blower motor only worked on settings 0 and 4. If set in between, freon continues to circulate through the system without any cool air being blown into the cabin. I went through 2 resistors before realizing the wiring harness has a tendancy to come lose. I found that if I jiggle the harness when the blower is failing, it'll resume working at the in-between settings.
Had no heater or ac blower motor stopped working took to dealership they put a resister in did not fix then change blower motor did not fix ended up finding it was the ground under hood by air filter box a group of grounds in a ground block a wire jiggle lose.. fixed.. the about year later did the same thing again went right to the ground wire was lose again. fixed.. now 4 months later only have speeds 1 2 and 4..
I have had this problem for the last 2 years and I had it fixed last year and it lasted 2 months.
I bought my 04 colorado 2wks ago and all the sudden the thing just stopped. I had a new resister put in and it worked for about 6mths and yesterday it went out again. This shound be recalled!
I had the problem where 1,2 and 4 worked and not 3. The recirculate would make a very bad buring smell. I replaced the resistor and the wires. First time around I thought the resistor was bad and trying to save money by doing it myself was not a good idea, but I removed the glove compartment again and found out that I had not placed the wire for the cold/hot setting back to it's place. If this happens, the heater kicks in after a short time because the cold/hot setting ends up in the middle setting. It has been working for a few weeks now. Dealership wanted to replace the blower, wiring and resistor for about $300. I spent around $50 by purchasing the harness and resistor from