Heater Blower Motor

The heater blower motor turns the fan that provides airflow into the passenger compartment.

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Heater Blower Motor

  • Little or no airflow from HVAC system
  • Abnormal noise or vibration during operation

Heater Blower Motor Related Repair Advice

  • Mice may build nests in the heater blower fan, filling it with nesting material that can cause the fan to jam or malfunction
  • If you can hear the blower motor operating, but cannot feel air flow from the vents, there is a problem with the airflow controls, not the blower motor
  • Heater blower motors can be damaged by fluid leaking from a heater core or evaporator. Any fluid leaks near the heater blower need to be resolved or the new heater blower will be ruined.
  • After the repair, the heater motor should run normally at all speeds and in all modes, such as defrost, heat, etc. The new motor should be quiet and not vibrate.
  • When replacing the blower motor, the electrical connections should be thoroughly inspected. A poor connection can result in erratic bower motor operation.

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