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Loss of One or More HVAC Blower Motor Speeds on GMC Canyon

Problem Description and Possible Solution

The HVAC blower motor may stop working at one or more speeds due to a faulty blower motor resistor block. Our technicians recommend to confirm the resistor is at fault by first checking the operation of the switch.

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GMC Canyon Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 86,704 (11,400–270,800)
8 model years affected: 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, more2008, 2009, 2011, 2012
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Blower motor not operating all the time on settings 1 - 3, but always works on 4(HIGH)..
I had the same problem that my fan speeds would not run on 1-3, but I found the problem, the problem is there is a plug in to the fan, it is located on the passenger side under the dashboard, the plug has loose wires that you can wiggle when on speeds 1-3, I have tried to tighten the wire, it works for awhile but then it loosens back up. It could be an easy fix to figure how that plug can be tighten.
Last year at the beginning of the summer, the same problem occurred. The A/C stopped working on speeds 1, 2 and 3. Only 4 works. The problem was resolved through the dealer, and it was explained that it was a plastic switch that had failed. This year, the same problem. Of interest, is that the problem has happened at the beginning of the summer months both times. If this is a common problem, why hasn't the vehicle been recalled for a free fix? If I knew how to fix it myself, I would.
blower only works on high, i changed the wiring but the problem is back, this should be a warranrty issue.
I have the same problem, blower does not work on 1-3 only 4 but then occasionally will begin to work on the lower speeds. I was told it was a switch that cost $200 to replace - so guess I'll have to run on high or not at all!
I have seen this on my canyon, as on others. My blue wire was burnt as the pins were too. What is going on with this the design on the plug that holds the wire in the socket allows the wires in the connector to drop away from the pins so they arc. what i did was shrinked tubed the burt wire. clean all the contacts push the wires all the way into the connector. (I forgot to say you have to remove the black retainer on the grey plug). zip tied them in a groups of two then replace the retainer plug and then epoxied the back of it so the wire can not drop. I wished GMC would have fixed this design issue high-current and bad plugs do not mix.
My blower switch does this from time to time. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, but happening more frequently lately. When it goes out the fan will only work on high. The three lower speeds will not work. I have not fixed it yet. Just recently found out that the resistors tend to go bad on these blowers.
Some time the blower switch only works on high(4. If I shut the truck down for a short period (run into the store) and return all blower speeds work when the truck is started.
Driving home the other day started to smell hot electrical wires inside my 2007 GMC Canyon. Traced the problem to the blower motor. The plug when examined had two burnt spots on it and was partly melted along with the protective wire jacket. Had interment prior problems with blower not working on setting 1,2,3. After researching this problem on the internet discovered GMC owners of all makes and models were having the same problem. I replace the resistor and pigtail, works fine. Upon examination of the resistor there were two burnt spots on it also.
Hi Folks, after reading the post from the 116 affected GMC Canyon owners I have the exact same problem. Yesterday, Jan 21, 2016 while driving home from Home Depot my heater just quit working (freezing cold weather for Fort Worth, Texas), no matter what speed it was on 1 through 4. Today while driving my truck to Hiley GMC to get it analyzed I hit a bump and the heater started working again on speed 4. Randy from Hiley GMC just called to confirm the diagnosis...the connected that connects to the blower was melted and the resister was burnt. I think it is time to call the National Traffic Safety Organization to initiate a recall from the affected GMC Canyon trucks and this is a "Safety" issue.
None of the blower speeds work at first. If one of the speeds is selected while driving, it will not be working at first but will randomly come on and work fine in all blower speeds. Usually hitting a bump will cause it to work and sometimes just at random and arbitrary times it will come on without hitting a bump. After the engine is shut off, even for a few minutes, the blower will not be operational as it just had been before.
Blower motor does not always work on speeds 1-3. Found the pin on the red wire on the plug located under the dash on the blower motor housing had a burnt and loose pin. The red wire is hot when you slect speed 3. The plug has four pins, one for each speed. Speed 4 bypasses the resistors for maximum fan speed so that is why this speed always works. If you have this problem I would suggest you inspect the plug and if any are burnt use a precission screw driver and delicately move the pin around inside the plug until it works again. Be careful not to damage the pin any more than it was before you started.