Q: abs code co265 co222 co281 on 2002 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

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there is no abs light on now. code co265 co222 co281 were stored.the brake pedal goes to the floor like a bad master cyl.
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281 is the brake switch circuit.
265 is a power issue to the ecbm
225 is a wheel speed sensor.

you need a scan tool for all these codes. a shop may be in order for you to have them check it for you.
as far as no brake pedal, you may be correct about the master. make sure your calipers and wheel cylinders are working as well.

hey man i got the tool but idk what the co281 code is and what it does ive repleace everything but the abs box its self i got it and someone repleaced the rear line and ive blade and blade and cycled the abs and some times u go to stop and it does not wont to stop what? do i do and it if is the abs box how do i bleed???? i have the matco md1052 tks bobby