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Q: 4 wheel alignment on 2002 Saturn L100

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My 2002, L100's rear tires are more than a little out of line. They are actually visually turned inwards. This is causing inside wear patches on both the rear driver and passenger side tires and most importantly the feeling that I am not in total control of my vehicle when on snow or ice. My small town garage tells me that I can not easily align my rear tires. There is a part that he can purchase which would cost about 125$ each side plus labor.
Is this true? I have read elsewhere that 4 wheel alignment is possible.
Any comments would be appreciated.
Your local Napa auto parts can get the shims but I see 6 different sizes available here's the part # NCP 2642035 NCP 2642037 NCP 2642032 NCP 2642046 NCP 2642033 and NCP 2642036 This are all different sizes and sell for about $15 each but you have to ask the shop what size they want you to get.
I have had the car to the Saturn dealer to do the 4 wheel alignment. Appartently they say that the springs are worn and I can either replace the springs or have "shims" added at a much MUCH lower cost ($15 each). The problem is that the company that makes the shims apparently went out of business.

Does anyone know where I could get these shims? Even the part name would help so that I could purchase them myself and bring them to the dealer to install.

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and you can buy one 4 wheel aligner for yourself,it only can cost you 3400usd to 5200usd.

If you are interested in it,you can cotact me,my name is aggie and my email is
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