Q: 2003 Volvo V40 - Car Stalls When Idle /at a red light/ error codes on 2003 Volvo V40

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My 2003 V40 (with 96K miles) recently stalled at a red light and I was unable to restart it (the engine will turn over then stall when you try to start it). The auto repair shop told me that it had the following error codes:
The repairman installed a new idle air control valve. However, the car still will not start. What else should be done to get the car running again? Thank you very much!!!
Note: the car also has a new battery and new timing belt that had been installed a couple of months ago.
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review when last tuned. it may be due.
has he tested the fuel pump? you can do yourself by turning ignition key and stopping before it turns over. there should be a sound. short whirring sound. thats your fuel pump priming the line. should last 2 sec. then cut out. no sound than no fuel pump. if sound but lasts longer than 2 sec.s than fuel pump laboured and failing.
has he tried the fuel filter? possible clog in fuel line.
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